ON THE CLOCK: Dorial Green-Beckham

DGB has spent a year on the practice squad but could make the first round

The 2015 NFL Draft is on the horizon. For a handful of Sooners, there’s a chance to have their name called during the three-day stretch starting on April 30.

There have been 33 players from Oklahoma drafted since 2009, and the Sooners have the fifth-highest percentage of starters – with more than one year as a starter – drafted into the NFL (38 percent) in that same time period.

There are some Sooners looking to follow in those footsteps in this year’s draft.

-------------- Wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham --------------

DGB isn’t quite Josh Gordon, but he’s close enough that not many people are talking about his physical ability and incredible athleticism. It’s his character that’s in question.

That might also be because there’s no way to downgrade him for on-the-field production. The way he catches the ball is spectacular. No bobble, just a solid splat into his gloves on every catch during the Sooners’ pro day.

He hasn’t played a competitive game in a full year, but it wasn’t hard to decipher that he was the second-best receiver on the roster – and he might even have been the best – this past season.

There are teams out there willing to take a risk. The New England Patriots have done it before with great success. DGB could be headed to Boston.

Now Trending: ⇊ A draft stacked at wide receiver doesn’t help DGB, who might have first-round talent but there are more receivers with that grade than there are teams to draft them. Somebody is going to be left out, and with his off-the-field baggage, DGB might be that guy.

Closest NFL player comparison: Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions - But a poor man’s Megatron for now. DGB could easily be the best receiver to come out of this class. Amari Cooper is a tad small by comparison, and Kevin White could be a system receiver – look at Tavon Austin in the NFL. DGB is one of the few whose on-the-field production is undeniable.

Sooners’ Illustrated’s final, fun yet oddly exact NFL Draft prediction:

First Round – 20th overall to Philadelphia Eagles

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