Sooner mailbag: Examining the transfer game

OU's roster has taken a hit in the last week. Will it be a good thing or bad thing for Sooners down the road?

This was a no-brainer. With all the transfers, dismissals and possible transfers in the works at Oklahoma, let’s dig into what this is going to mean for the Sooners in this week’s mailbag.

In the last week running back Keith Ford, wide receiver K.J. Young and cornerback Tito Windham have all been revealed as not returning to the program for one reason or another.

How will this affect the 2016 recruiting class and beyond?

The biggest thing this does is open up a few more scholarships for the 2016 class. It certainly appeared like this class was destined to be one of the smaller ones in recent memory, even perhaps staying in the teens.

That’s not possible anymore after all the defections. But it doesn’t mean where the transfer happens is going to be where the offer happens. The running back position seems locked right now with OU taking one. It could change, but right now it’s tough to see that happening.

The secondary has been one to watch, and you knew stuff was in development based on all the junior college offers at cornerback. Those offers aren’t made unless it appears there’s going to be attrition with what’s on campus already.

It allows OU a little more freedom to not be as stingy with 2016 kids, but it definitely means more of a load to carry for the players who will be on campus in the fall.

Will this hurt with the schools they were from?

Can’t see that happening if everything has gone down the way sources have said things happened. Cypress (Texas) Ranch (Ford) is a relatively new school, and tough to find fault with the way OU handled that situation.

Perris (Calif.) Citrus Hill is not a major Cali powerhouse whatsoever. K.J. Young was one of the biggest high profile recruits in that school’s recent history. The problem is it looks like OU hasn’t been able to recreate that Cali connection.

Since the start of the 2014 season, that’s three Cali products either dismissed or deciding to transfer with Young, wide receiver Derrick Woods and tight end Taylor McNamara.

Windham was from a school OU had never looked at before in Mississippi, and it’s not easy to gain that foothold. The Sooners obviously have Jamal Danley and Gabriel Campbell for the 2015 state from Mississippi and that might say more than what transpired with Windham.

Marcus Green would have been the big one because of how tradition-rich Cedar Hill (Texas) High is on a yearly basis. Head coach Joey McGuire has an outstanding connection with the OU program, and the Sooners are always looking in that direction.

Is this giving off a negative vibe for OU with recruiting?

Not seeing that just yet and not sure that will ever happen. OU was able to turn an incredible negative like the SAE racist chant video into something positive with its reaction toward it, and the Sooners will bounce back from this situation.

Haven’t seen this at OU since the end of the 2011 season where Bob Stoops cleaned house in a major way and sometimes it’s necessary and the team is better off for it.

Ford, on paper, is the biggest loss in terms of quality because you know he can deliver. With guys like Windham and Young, there was always that worst-case scenario of them being so far away from home, not producing on the field and maybe wanting to find somewhere else to play.

It should lead to, once again, the fact that if you come to OU, you’re going to get a chance. The 2015 class is going to get a shot on the field a lot faster than some thought. Their opportunity is going to come, and we’ll see if they’re ready for it.

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