OU commit in focus: Jon-Michael Terry

Jon-Michael Terry has been committed to OU for more than three months now, and he's comfortable with that.

Oklahoma hasn’t dug too deep into the in-state waters for the 2016 class, at least not yet. So it was a bit of a surprise when Tulsa (Okla.) Victory Christian’s Jon-Michael Terry earned an OU offer at junior day back in February.

Terry waited around an hour before deciding to commit to the Sooners right then and there Feb. 15. The last three months have seen OU fans go from “who is this guy?” to getting more and more excited about him being a Sooner.

Victory Christian hasn’t been in the recruiting news in a long time, but OU did its homework on Terry. They saw the 20 sacks and 103 tackles. They saw the 50 catches for 645 yards and five touchdowns. They saw the size, knew it was legit and made the offer.

Now more than three months since his pledge, nothing has really changed for Terry although his teammates loved seeing OU defensive coordinator Mike Stoops out at practice last week.

“Life is pretty much the same,” Terry said. “It’s great to have it set already where I’m going to college and can just focus on my senior year.”

Terry’s Hudl film made him look like a man among boys. And in the Class 3A ranks, that’s not likely to change but last week did confirm Terry is 6-foot-2 and around 225 pounds. He carries the weight around fine and is being recruited as a linebacker for the Sooners.

Scout likes him at that position, too, giving him an original ranking of the No. 28 OLB in the country and just shy of Scout 300 status.

As word and film have gotten out more of Terry, the interest has started to pick up considerably. It’s the same answer from Terry every single time.

“There have been a few schools that have contacted my coaches to see how what I’m thinking, but I’ve just told them all the same thing – that I’m committed to OU,” Terry said. “That’s where I want to go.”

Terry returned to Norman for OU’s spring game last month, and it was quite the different experience for Terry. No longer going to OU as a fan. No longer going to campus as a potential recruit. He was looking at his future home.

“It was great being back there and around that atmosphere,” Terry said. “It was cool being around the players and the coaches. It definitely felt different. This is my future team. I’ll be playing with these guys next year. It’s pretty crazy.”

But that’s next year. Terry still has some unfinished business left at the high school level. For one thing, he’s having to adjust to a new coach. Longtime coach Brent Marley left in March and now Ron Smith has taken over.

And as happens every year, many quality seniors have graduated. Now’s the time for Terry to try to make his mark.

“I vocalize myself, but I like to pride myself in that my teammates can always look to me and know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing,” Terry said. “I can lead by example.”

Terry said he’s a lot faster than he was last year, but his main goal is just to become an all-around better player. He intends to return to OU in two weeks for the Sooners’ camp. The question right now is whether or not he’ll participate or just attend the event.

“I’m going to talk to Coach (Tim) Kish and see what he says,” Terry said. “But I definitely want to go there again.”

Maybe he was a little out of the blue before, but it’s obvious now Terry is fitting in with Sooner Nation and is eager to show why fans should be pumped for his future arrival.

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