Sooner mailbag: 2016 scholarships?

OU mailbag looks at recruiting fallout from the last week.

Pretty eventful couple of weeks for Oklahoma even if not all of the news has been incredibly positive on the recruiting trail.

Sooners Illustrated publisher Bob Przybylo breaks it all down every Wednesday in the weekly mailbag.

With all the attrition, how will it change the 2016 class? What dynamic will change?

Although it still feels like the 2016 group will be smaller in comparison than some of the recent OU classes, the transfers/dismissals have certainly opened up a couple of more scholarships.

The biggest spot to circle is wide receiver. In a Lincoln Riley offense, you have to be efficient throwing the football. And you can never have too many quality guys to catch it.

It initially looked like OU would take two high school receivers. But as the Sooners started to dip into junior college offers, became clear at least one would be from the juco ranks.

The number went to three. It could stay at three depending on how the season turns out for OU, but it could blossom to four if Riley is able to get that success on the field with his offense.

The Sooners are in such good early shape with big-time receivers like Dallas First Baptist Academy’s Camron Williams, Navasota (Texas) High’s TrenDavian Dickson and Sachse (Texas) High’s Devin Duvernay that OU would be foolish to limit itself in who it brings in.

Now it doesn’t feel like the Sooners will have to do so. The other reason it could get to four for 2016 is because OU cannot get the production on the field from the group of guys on campus.

Either way, it feels like wide receiver is going to be a fun one to watch the next eight months leading up to signing day.

Been a couple of weeks since the Wish List, what’s the biggest change? Positive? Negative?

Negative is easy. Don’t feel like OU is in play at all right now for Trophy Club (Texas) Byron Nelson offensive tackle Kellen Diesch.

Once thought to be a shoo-in for the Sooners, the last month has seen all the momentum disappear with Arkansas looking like the leader.

Of course with how non-vocal Diesch has been throughout the process, it’s a tough read but feel safe to say that ship has sailed.

On a positive note, still think the Sooners are doing everything right with Shreveport (La.) Calvary Baptist safety Chanse Sylvie. Some of the big guns in the SEC are trying to sway him over, but OU’s combo of Kerry Cooks and Courtney Viney are putting in the work right now.

Two visits to campus is nice. But if the Sooners can somehow manage to get that third one in before any sort of official visit, you’d have to like OU’s chances.

Is the sky falling with defensive tackle recruiting?/P>

Pretty easy question to ask after the last week. A 24-hour period saw Houston nab two huge commits in five-star Ed Oliver and four-star Jordan Elliott. Alabama also snagged five-star Kendell Jones.

All three are from Texas. All three had OU offers. But never felt like the Sooners were in legitimate consideration for any of them.

That’s not a point of great comfort, but it’s the truth that nothing that happened was a big shock in a negative way toward OU. It was more of a major boost to the Cougars.

Getting Marquise Overton qualified has lightened the stress put on Diron Reynolds to find defensive tackles but the two to remember remain Euless (Texas) Trinity’s Chris Daniels and Fort Worth (Texas) All Saints Episcopal’s Mike Williams.

OU easily made Daniels’ top 10 list over the weekend, and OU will be a player for Williams despite a fantastic trip to Cali two weeks ago.

Williams went to Cali for the Opening regional and was able to visit Stanford, and it’s obvious that has made a huge impression on him. Scout’s Greg Biggins has always been quick to point out how Stanford can win over any recruit once he’s on campus.

So the work is cut out for Reynolds, but he has built a nice early foundations with Williams and Daniels that he’ll have to increase here in the months ahead.

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