Welcome to OU: Antoine Stephens

Sooners' late offer is a dream come true for freshman DB

They’re no longer commits. They’re no longer signees. They are now freshmen at Oklahoma, and Sooners Illustrated caught up with the majority of the 2015 class one last time before they arrived on campus.

Up next is cornerback Antoine Stephens.

Dallas Kimball High CB Antoine Stephens (6-2, 187, No. 90 CB)

The story: It was a long wait for Stephens, who had to show he could make the transition to cornerback his senior season. Once he did that (and in a major way), the offers started flowing. OU offered in January, had him come up for an official visit a couple of weeks later and Feeva Island was officially heading to Norman. – Bob Przybylo

When you received the OU offer, did you really think you’d sign?

Honestly, I did. For one, because I had already been a big fan of OU and stuff like that. They’d been holding me down from the jump.

You got recruited pretty late, too. What was it like seeing the offers come in late in the process?

At first, I was down a little bit. I still had faith in myself. I had to keep grinding and stuff like that. I just kept going on. They came through for me like they said they would if I got myself together.

When did you figure out OU was the right place for you?

The first time I came up. The atmosphere, I just felt it. It was a family. It was a bigger school and extremely amazing when I took my visit.

Do you have jersey number yet?

From the looks of it, I should be wearing No. 5. I’m not for sure, but that’s what the word is right now. I would look forward to wearing that number.

What about a roommate?

My roommate right now should be Prentice McKinney.

The recruiting process can be arduous. What was the toughest part for you?

It was everybody coming it at one time. Once you get one offer, you get one the next 30 minutes, and it just keeps coming like that. It was pretty much amazing at the same time, but it was a shocker and unexpected.

Was it tough to keep track of which coaches were telling you what in the flurry?

That was the tough part for me – listening to this coach and what he has to say, then listening to this coach at what he has to say. I was always sticking with that one school even though they were saying this and that.

What are you looking forward to the most outside of football?

My education and furthering it. I want to look forward to being the family and bonding.

Do you know what you want to study yet?

I want to major in communications and minor in music production. I just love music and I like tooling around in the booth. That’s pretty cool. I like tunes.

What assistant coach played the biggest role in you picking Oklahoma?

Coach (Jay) Boulware. He was my recruiting coach. Everything he said was pretty much true. He stayed in touch with me. He had the relationship with me that coaches are supposed to.

If you weren’t coming to OU, where would you be?

I don’t know. If I hadn’t received the exposure like that, I might be no where.

What made OU the No. 1 school for you?

It was already a dream.

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