Coach Speak: Christian James

Sooners Illustrated gets a little insight on Oklahoma incoming freshman from HS coach

Rashard Odomes and Christian James make up two-thirds of the Oklahoma Sooners men’s basketball 2015 recruiting class.

Both could be immediate contributors for a Sooners’ team that hopes to contend for the Big 12 Championship and a Final Four run in the NCAA Tournament.

The two have been well-documented for their on-the-court exploits, but Sooners Illustrated wanted to learn more about the pair – who they are, what they like and what fans can expect from both.

Who better to turn to that the coaches that have been around the both of them for the past two years?

Here are five things that James’ high school basketball coach at Bellaire, Marcus Glover, pointed out about the incoming freshman:

James has great leadership qualities . . . “He’ll see guys doing things they shouldn’t be and in places they shouldn’t be, and he corrects that. They may continue to do what they’re doing, but he makes it known. Then, he’ll come let me know. When he does that, he does that because he cares about those kids. … He’s good with that.”

James liked to pick on his former coach . . . “He likes to mock me all the time because I wear reading glass. Before practice, we’d go over our practice plan for the day, and he’d pull out of pair of reading glasses and put them down on his nose while I’m going over the practice plan. I challenged him to one-on-one, and I was standing under the basket, and he just dunked the ball all over my head and then put it out on the website.”

The best players have always brought the best out of James . . . “He loves playing against guys who are better. He loves the challenge. He loves being challenged.”

James is a very hard-worker . . . “Christian stays in the gym. That’s his craft. He tells me, ‘That’s my craft, coach.’ He expects the same thing from his teammates.”

James could be a great coach after missing his senior season with a broken leg . . . “He did a great deal on the sideline during games. I was listening to some of the things he was saying. He’s a good guy.”

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