Coach Speak: Rashard Odomes

Sooners Illustrated gets a little insight on Oklahoma incoming freshman from his HS coach

Rashard Odomes and Christian James make up two-thirds of the Oklahoma Sooners men’s basketball 2015 recruiting class.

Both could be immediate contributors for a Sooners’ team that hopes to contend for the Big 12 Championship and a Final Four run in the NCAA Tournament.

The two have been well-documented for their on-the-court exploits, but Sooners Illustrated wanted to learn more about the pair – who they are, what they like and what fans can expect from both.

Who better to turn to that the coaches that have been around the both of them for the past two years?

Here are five things that Odomes’ high school basketball coach at Copperas Cove, Billy White, pointed out about the incoming freshman:

Rashard is a very loyal person . . . “Whether it’s loyalty to his friends, his coaches, his family, whatever it may be, he is a loyal person. That’s one of the things that’s not always popular with kids growing up nowadays, but with him, he’s definitely that type of person. If he’s on your team or he’s for you, he’s going to be for you no matter what. That’s one of those deals that I’m proud to say he has those character traits.”

Despite being quiet, Rashard can be extremely funny . . . He doesn’t say a whole lot all the time, but when he does, he does have a great sense of humor as well. It’s not necessarily just jokes, but he always tends to have funny comments or funny things that he’ll say.”

Rashard is a pretty boy . . . “He always makes sure his hair is done the correct way. There’s going to be tons of gel all in his locker and things of that nature, trying to make sure his hair is perfect. This year, he was actually beat, but the past three years, he’s always one of the last ones out of the locker room. He’s going to make sure that he’s dressed to the nines and makes sure he looks exactly how he wants to look before he leaves.”

Rashard plays his best when he’s upset . . . “What I’ve noticed for years now is when he gets upset or something of that nature, that’s when he really turns it on. When he’s upset about something on the court, he turns it on, and it’s one of those deals when he’s just fierce. No matter what you do to him, he’s going to go out there and he’s going to get you the bucket or he’s going to score or he’s going to defend you. Whatever the case may be, that’s one thing that I have seen out of him. When he gets to that point, there’s nothing an opponent can do to stop him. He’s going to do what he wants to do on that court with the basketball.”

Rashard has a very eccentric way of dressing . . . “He’ll go from one point being the preppy kid and dressing exactly how he wants to dress to the next day wearing sweatpants that are probably six inches too short for him. I’ll ask, ‘What are you wearing?’ He’s one of those types of kids where he’ll make sure he’s dressed exactly how he wants to be dressed and there are times when he comes in something you wouldn’t even imagine how Rashard would dress.”

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