Rashard Odomes shines at Faith 7

Hours before reporting to OU, incoming freshman puts on a show for Sooner fans

SHAWNEE – Rashard Odomes had a chance at one more high school event just a few hours before officially reporting to Oklahoma for the summer sessions leading up to his freshman year with the Sooners.

He wasn’t the best player on the court all the time – just the majority of the time – for the 50th annual Faith 7 Bowl, but he was named MVP after 37 points for Texas, which defeated Oklahoma, 132-119, on Saturday.

Amid plenty of college-bound talent, including players headed to Michigan State, Ohio State, California and Baylor, Odomes shined in all phases. He did it in front of a unsurprisingly supportive crowd.

“It was real fun coming out to where I’ll be at for college and seeing a bunch of Oklahoma fans and playing in front of them. I was able to get a taste and a feel that I’ll be able to contribute next year.”

Odomes finished with eight more points than any other player, going 13-for-17 from the field, shooting 50 percent from behind the arc and went 9-for-10 from the free-throw line. While leading the game in points, Odomes had the highest shooting percentage, the second-best 3-point percentage and the top free-throw percentage.

He also led the game in offensive rebounds and total rebounds. Odomes was the only Texas player with a block.

“It was just normal,” Odomes said. “I went out there and played hard. I played hard every game. I just went out there and tried to compete. I was feeling it (Saturday). My teammates were giving me the ball.”

Odomes showed great court vision while running the point for a significant period of time late in the second half and defended in the post – neither out of the ordinary. He did the same at Copperas Cove High School.

The only place Odomes wasn’t the top player was in the half-time dunk contest. Edmond Santa Fe’s DaQuan Jefferies took home the title.

Odomes, who was hoping to report to Oklahoma late Saturday, instead settled for a great first impression. After the game, he high-fived many fans wearing Oklahoma jerseys who clearly came out to see him play.

“I saw a lot in the crowd,” he said. “I saw a lot of OU shirts coming up to me after the game. They were excited that I’m coming there next year. I was excited to play in front of them.”

The next month, when Odomes is taking classes and working out on campus, will help make sure that he’s ready to contribute immediately next year for a team that will be a little bit bigger and better than top high school competition he faced Saturday.

Odomes wasn’t sure how long he’d be on campus or if he’d get a chance to workout with his future teammates. He adapted quickly to a high level of talent Saturday. Adapting to life in Norman will be his next goal.

“Just getting a taste of everything – seeing how the workouts are, getting a feel for the game, see what it’s like to play up there with that level of talent,” said Odomes, who will also meet his fellow freshman Christian James, who reported on Saturday.

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