OU Countdown: Trevor Knight

Former starting quarterback fights for his position as the Sooners' leading man

During the next two months leading up to the Big 12 Media Days in Dallas, Sooners Illustrated will breakdown the Oklahoma Sooners’ roster, starting with Dominique Alexander (No. 1 on the roster) and working all the way down to Dwayne Orso (No. 99) and the incoming freshmen.

We’ll look at last year’s performance, the best-case scenario for this season – without projecting injuries – and what each player means to the short-term or long-term success of the Sooners.

No. 9 - QB Trevor Knight (6-foot-1, 206 pounds)

2,300 passing yards, 14 TDs, 12 INTs, 363 rushing yards, 5 rushing touchdowns

What happened last year: It’s not hard to forget, but it’s one most Oklahoma fans don’t want to remember. Knight threw a trio of game-changing interceptions – one almost directly led to a loss to TCU. Dinged by the Katy Perry curse just before the Sooners’ loss to TCU, Knight finished the year with 2,300 passing yards, 14 touchdowns and 12 interceptions – numbers that aren’t too inspiring. He also rushed for five touchdowns despite missing three games to end the regular season. Knight bowl performance capped a season that seemingly left the starting quarterback job up for grabs.

Level of importance for Sooners (1-10): 10. Last year, Knight learned just how popular the back-up quarterback at Oklahoma can be. Right now, he’s that back-up. Think fans will call for coach Bob Stoops to put Knight in if Baker Mayfield struggles early? Oklahomans’ memories definitely aren’t that short. Still, Knight is of great importance and could wind up as the starter for Game 1 against Akron. That alone sets him at a level equal at the very least to any other player in regards of importance to Oklahoma.

Best-case scenario for this season: It begins with Knight winning the starting quarterback job out of camp – and not because of Mayfield’s struggles. Knight, the alleged practice player, finally turns into Knight, the gamer, and he puts up great numbers in a simplified scheme. He cuts down on his interceptions, throwing less than 15 all season despite attempting almost 400 passes. Knight finishes the season with more than 30 touchdowns and rushes for another eight – all while enacting a little revenge on TCU and breaking the ‘Katy Perry curse.’

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