Evan Fields making his mark

Class of 2017 is still a bit away, but Evan Fields is already starting to emerge.

Oklahoma coaches and fans are going to be pretty receptive about any recruit from Midwest City (Okla.) High after the way it worked out for all involved with Scout 150 prospect Will Sunderland for the 2015 class.

The connections are there with Cale Gundy having graduated from Midwest City as well. Connections can help get you in the door, but then the rest is up to you.

That seemingly won’t be a problem for 2017 Midwest City safety Evan Fields. As he gets his name out there more and more at camps, people are circling his name more and more as one to watch.

It doesn’t surprise Sunderland.

“Evan is going to be a good one,” Sunderland said. “He just has to keep working hard and keep his mind right. He has so much potential.”

Fields really only got to show it one time last season. Following a foot injury to Sunderland, Fields was thrown into the fire against Lawton, one of the best teams in the state. Fields more than held his own in the game despite the fact the Wolverines edged out the Bombers.

His message was clear. He has arrived, and he’s going to be here for a while. Fields has used that momentum from the end of his sophomore season now heading into the spring and summer camp circuit.

And the monkey is already off his back with an offer from Arkansas State.

“It was amazing,” Fields said. “I can’t even explain it. Getting an offer has always been my dream. They watched us lift and stuff like that, but I had no idea it was coming.”

The first offer came as a surprise, but Fields shouldn’t be shocked as time goes on. He was sensational during a three-day padded camp two weeks ago and put his best foot forward last week at Oklahoma’s one-day elite camp.

First-year defensive backs coach Kerry Cooks doesn’t just know him as that kid with Sunderland. He knows Fields because of what Fields has accomplished. And Fields is certainly hoping to follow in the footsteps of the OU freshman.

“It helped me a lot (to watch him),” Fields said. “I watched how he controlled the field and how physical he was with the way he played and how smart he played. He told me now it’s my turn – to keep locking down the defense.”

Fields doesn’t have the size of Sunderland but few do. Fields is already 6-foot-1 and getting closer and closer to 200 pounds. His role this upcoming season is obviously going to increase dramatically but that should be a good thing for Fields, for Midwest City and perhaps for OU fans to catch a glimpse of him now.

“He is a really explosive athlete who takes film study to extremes to have an abnormally high football I.Q.,” Midwest City defensive coordinator Jason Sexton said. “As a 134-pound freshman to a 181-pound junior-to-be, it’s very evident in how he is sculpted.

“He has worked himself into great feet, hips and speed from regular workouts, plus extra on his own. He is a heat-seeking missile that we have to slow down from time-to-time. The college coaches love the physicality of his plays.”

Fields is also receiving interest from schools like Oklahoma State and Kansas State and won’t be long before he becomes known as more than just a regional prospect.

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