OU Countdown: Dakota Austin

Depth cornerback could provide an option in pass defense

During the next two months leading up to the Big 12 Media Days in Dallas, Sooners Illustrated will breakdown the Oklahoma Sooners’ roster, starting with Dominique Alexander (No. 1 on the roster) and working all the way down to Dwayne Orso (No. 99) and the incoming freshmen.

We’ll look at last year’s performance, the best-case scenario for this season – without projecting injuries – and what each player means to the short-term or long-term success of the Sooners.

No. 27 – CB Dakota Austin (5-foot-11, 160 pounds)

8 tackles, 1 interception

What happened last year: Austin was set to be the No. 3 cornerback on the Oklahoma roster before freshman Jordan Thomas’ rise to starter. Austin’s diminutive size – only 5-foot-11 – puts him at a disadvantage, and he didn’t do much more than compete for a spot on special teams.

Level of importance for Sooners (1-10): 2. Three talent incoming cornerbacks and two already ahead of him on the depth chart, Austin has an uphill battle to fight to make an impact outside of special teams. Now, his “little dog” mentality would go a long way as a gunner on the special teams coverage units. He might need to provide a little support before the incoming trio of cornerbacks can make its full mark.

Best-case scenario for this season: If everything goes right for Austin, he again breaks preseason camp as the No. 3 cornerback. Only this time, he doesn’t lose his spot. He doesn’t play much on special teams because he’s performing well enough to be Oklahoma’s No. 3 corner – coming in when the Sooners’ go to dime or quarter in the secondary.

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