Welcome to OU: Will Sunderland

The signee Q&A series continues with Scout 150 safety Will Sunderland for the Sooners.

They’re no longer commits. They’re no longer signees. They are now freshmen at Oklahoma, and Sooners Illustrated caught up with the majority of the 2015 class one last time before they arrived on campus.

Up next is Scout 300 safety Will Sunderland.

Midwest City (Okla.) High S Will Sunderland (6-2, 190, No. 7 S, No. 125 Scout 300)

The story: His OU offer came at the start of his junior season and even though it took 54 weeks, nobody was worried. Sunderland was definitely going to be a Sooner. Once in the fold, Sunderland sort of became the unofficial spokesman for the class and top recruiter. Perhaps no recruit in recent memory took more trips to OU than Sunderland in the last 24 months.

When you received the OU offer, did you really think you would sign with the Sooners?

I did, but it never really came to me about when it would happen. I was just having fun. After my first offer, I knew I would get a lot more. I was trying to focus on all the offers.

When did you know in your heart OU was the place for you?

When I went down there for the official visit. I knew at that moment OU was the place for me. It’s close to my family. I’ve always liked OU and the fans have been great.

What’s your jersey number and who is your roommate?

No. 11 or 21 but most likely 11. My roommate is going to be Dahu Green. I didn’t really know too much about him. I saw him on the Internet with Denver (Johnson, Iowa State signee) and those guys. We started talking on Twitter, and I’m excited because I know he can play.

What was the toughest part of the recruiting process for you?

Telling the other college coaches that you won’t be going there because you’re attending another school. All the coaches put that time into you – it’s not easy to do.

Was there one that was tougher than the others?

Oklahoma State was tough because we had grown to be really close. Every time I talked with them it wasn’t about football or anything like that. I know they liked me as a person.

What’s the No. 1 thing you’re looking forward to at OU?

My goal is to start as a freshman so it’s all about staying focused. I know it’s going to happen. I put God first and work hard and dedicate myself to studying and watching film. I’m going to do everything possible to make it happen.

Any idea what your major is going to be?

I’m looking at journalism and business. I’m trying to get two degrees. I want to be a sports broadcaster and own my own business.

Bob Stoops obviously plays a huge role in recruiting, but who was the assistant coach who was most influential in your decision?

Cale Gundy and then Bob and Mike Stoops. I saw them so many times. They saw the potential in me before all of those other schools did. They were there for me before all of those other ones. They see me as the future. And Coach Gundy also being from Midwest City is pretty cool.

Outside of football, what are you most excited about at OU?

Meeting all the new people. There will be so many people coming to OU from all around the world. That’s very exciting to learn about different cultures and stuff like that.

If it wasn’t OU, what school would it have been?

Ohio State.

Anything you worked on the most since the end of last season?

They just wanted me to learn all the plays. Coach Mike and Cale just wanted me to spend all my time in trying to learn the plays so I’ll be ready.

New defensive backs coach since you committed. How is your relationship with Kerry Cooks?

I met him two or three times during the spring. He’s a good coach. I like his energy. I know he is going to be able to teach me a lot of new things.

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