Welcome to OU: Arthur McGinnis

Signee Q&A series continues with the linebacker known as "Hulk," but Arthur McGinnis is a lot more than that.

They’re no longer commits. They’re no longer signees. They are now freshmen at Oklahoma, and Sooners Illustrated caught up with the majority of the 2015 class one last time before they arrived on campus.

Up next is middle linebacker Arthur McGinnis.

New Orleans Easton Charter LB Arthur McGinnis (6-2, 228, No. 24 MLB)

The story: OU needed a linebacker in the worst way to close out the 2015 class. And as more targets came off the board, McGinnis started to stand out more and more. OU finally got him to campus the final week before signing day and wrapped it up to make sure the Hulk was indeed coming to Norman.

When you received the OU offer, did you really think you would sign with the Sooners?

Honestly, OU was always in the back of mind. Sooners always had the tradition. Were they at the forefront? No, but they were there with a couple of schools that I had real interest in.

When did you know in your heart OU was the place for you?

When I went out there for the visit. Everybody was great. It just felt like home. I knew OU was the best fit for me.

What’s your jersey number and who is your roommate?

My jersey number is 50 and my roommate will be the other linebacker, Ricky DeBerry. No. 50 is about the Movement 50 Nation – about giving back to the community. I started it and then after my grandpa died, I just kept going. Doing stuff for the community and feeding the homeless – that’s what I want to do. I want to give back.

What was the toughest part of the recruiting process for you?

Most definitely the last three weeks. A lot of guys were chilling, but I hadn’t even made any visits because our coaches won’t allow us to take trips during the season. I took all three trips in January back-to-back-to-back and couldn’t let them marinate. I went from Arizona to Texas Tech to OU, but I’m a true believer in everything happens for a reason.

What’s the No. 1 thing you’re looking forward to at OU?

Most definitely making an impact. I know there is a lot of hype around me right now. I have to make sure you can maintain that and live up to that. I want to make that big impact.

Any idea what your major is going to be?

Sports communication. I want to be a sports announcer when I get older.

Bob Stoops obviously plays a big role in recruiting, but who was the assistant coach who was most influential in your decision?

Coach (Tim) Kish. In many way. He would call me up like every day and check on me and my family. He would come to my house, and he was so sincere and genuine. We created a great relationship.

Outside of football, what are you most excited about at OU?

Just getting out, you know. I’ve been around New Orleans for almost all of my life. I want to see some new things and experience the OU tradition.

If it wasn’t OU, what school would it have been?

Honestly, I caught myself thinking about that, too, here recently. I don’t even know to tell you the truth. I’m not sure.

What’s the story behind Hulklahoma?

Hulklahoma was on Twitter one day when somebody posted it. I retweeted it and then it went crazy. Hulklahoma – yea, I like that. Usually you have to brand yourself, but they did it for me. It’s helped making me the face of everything. I like that. The Hulk is coming.

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