OU Countdown: Christian Daimler

Growing bookend on the offensive line aims for rotation role

During the next two months leading up to the Big 12 Media Days in Dallas, Sooners Illustrated will breakdown the Oklahoma Sooners’ roster, starting with Dominique Alexander (No. 1 on the roster) and working all the way down to Dwayne Orso (No. 99) and the incoming freshmen.

We’ll look at last year’s performance, the best-case scenario for this season – without projecting injuries – and what each player means to the short-term or long-term success of the Sooners.

No. 70 – OT Christian Daimler (6-foot-7, 306 pounds)


What happened last year: Daimler served as a depth offensive lineman last year but never saw action.

Level of importance for Sooners (1-10): 2. Daimler has been progressing for much of his career, adding 70 pounds during the past three seasons. Still, he’s pretty far down on the depth chart, and that’s not even considering the incoming freshmen.

Best-case scenario for this season: Daimler’s best option is to play his way into a role as a back-up, then maybe a little bit higher in his final year with Oklahoma. That’s still a pretty long shot altogether, though.

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