Sooner mailbag: Team edition

Mailbag returns this week but takes a break from recruiting and examines issues with the 2015 OU team.

It’s another dead week in recruiting so going to change it up a bit. Instead of recruiting, this week’s Sooner Mailbag will be about Oklahoma football and how things are going.

Biggest star of the 7-on-7s so far?

No surprise here, but it remains junior college transfer Dede Westbrook. After an incredible spring, the wide receiver has not missed a beat in the summer.

It’s really hard to quantify exactly what Westbrook is going to add to OU’s passing game this season. It’s not just a reliable second target to go with Sterling Shepard, but it’s also that ability to stretch the field that OU hasn’t had in a while.

Westbrook has made about as seamless a transition as you’re ever going to find from juco to the Big 12, and it should pay off in a major way on the field this season.

Incoming freshman making the most noise right now?

Not surprisingly it’s in the secondary and there are two names being talked about more and more. The No. 1 name, though, sure feels like it’s cornerback P.J. Mbanasor. OU has been searching for help at corner the last couple of classes and have to believe the Sooners have it now.

Although it still appears like Jordan Thomas is going to be the guy opposite Zack Sanchez, Mbanasor is making the best possible impression he can as of this time.

The other one is safety Kahlil Haughton. Again, it’s tough to justify why Haughton was always ranked so low in the national rankings. Based on his film and based on his mentality, he’s just a guy that absolutely gets it. The competition is going to be fierce at safety going forward.

How serious is Baker Mayfield’s injury?

OU tried to diffuse the situation last week by releasing the tweet saying it was just shoulder soreness. Talked to multiple sources, and it’s actually varying.

One well-connected source does believe it’s just soreness. Mayfield needed a little time to rest and will be fine the rest of the summer and definitely ready for camp.

Another source, not nearly as associated with the quarterbacks, thinks this could be an issue worth monitoring for OU. The thought is as of now that it’s not that bad, but there’s no way of guaranteeing he is going to be 100 percent going forward.

So you have an incredibly optimistic source from the quarterback side of things and more skepticism from another. You know Mayfield is going to do whatever it takes to be the guy for the Sooners this season, but he’ll have to be smart about things if he’s not legitimately ready just yet.

What’s the overall vibe of the team right now?

Softball question to get you fired up. It worked. The feeling right now is definitely one of having a chip on their shoulder from last season and wanting to restore the program back to where it used to be.

There is a lot of hunger from the younger guys, eager to prove they can be the difference maker. And the first-year coaches are resonating really well with the guys at this point. Might not take long for the honeymoon to be over but so far, so good.

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