Sooners hoping for late magic

Sooners hoping to find some late steals once again after signing day with two additions for the 2015 class.

The first Wednesday of February is basically a national holiday in recruiting. There is no bigger day on the calendar than signing day.

It’s when schools close the chapter on one class and start working vigorously toward building the next one. A year’s worth of work being rewarded.

At Oklahoma, though, signing day has not symbolized the end of a class. Certainly not in the recent years with OU has done its best to find some post-signing day diamonds in the rough.

Wide receiver LaColtan Bester, 2012

Trying to find answers at wide receiver is nothing new for OU and part of the reason Dennis Simmons has been brought into the mix.

The Sooners struck gold with Bester from the 2012 class. Although he didn’t make an impact in 2012, Bester came up huge for the Sooners in 2013.

He’s one of the few players in OU history to pass for a touchdown, run for one and catch one. Strangely enough, the Mississippi native might end up being remembered most for breaking up an interception in Bedlam at Oklahoma State.

The Sooners, of course, were able to win that game and the Sugar Bowl against Alabama, a contest in which Bester had a touchdown reception in the first quarter.

Bester had 27 catches for 392 yards and two touchdowns in 2013.

Offensive lineman Tony Feo, 2013

Feo did everything that was asked of him during his two years in Norman after a junior college career in California. He added depth to the offensive line but his real impact was felt on special teams.

His biggest role was in the punt game as he was one of the blockers to form a wall to protect punter Jed Barnett. Feo did the best job possible and graduated.

Long snapper Wesley Horky, 2014

It took a while for people to fully appreciate and understand “wasting” a scholarship on a long snapper, but Horky made believers last year.

Originally intending to walk-on at Tennessee, Horky was approached by OU a month after signing day, visited and committed/signed.

Bob Stoops defended the decision immediately, and the best thing you can say about Horky is that you never hear his name. If you don’t hear a long snapper’s name, then that essentially means he has done his job.

He’ll be the long snapper for the Sooners this season and most likely in the years to come.

Defensive lineman Austin Roberts; offensive lineman Quinn Mittermeier, 2015

It’s not fair to say OU struck out to close out the 2015 class. But the Sooners did miss on some targets, leaving scholarships open for Roberts and Mittermeier.

Roberts wasn’t a shock. Ranked No. 39 in the juco 100, the only question remains his academic standing. Originally from Georgia, Roberts will be a huge addition to OU as long as he makes it.

He’s confident everything will work out, and he’s hoping to arrive to Norman in two weeks. He’ll give OU another legitimate pass rusher.

Mittermeier was the surprise of the spring. It appeared throughout the process that Florida was going to be the choice. But after his visit to OU, the Sooners were the team to beat and there was nothing any other school could do.

His problem was always getting the recognition. From Topeka, Kan., no schools really knew about Mittermeier despite his massive size.

Mittermeier has already enrolled and has no academic issues at all. He will report to campus later this month.

One more to come?

The question for this month is going to be if the Sooners add one more for the 2015 class. Scout 300 defensive tackle Du’vonta Lampkin is not going to be enrolling at Texas and OU could be the possible destination.

It was always down to OU and Texas and Lampkin was a one-time OU commit. The question is whether or not he gets his release from the Longhorns and can begin the process of becoming a Sooner.

Alabama has also snuck its way into the mix so it will be up to the Sooners to make sure they close the deal.

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