Welcome to OU: Connor McGinnis

Welcome to OU returns for a one-off involving preferred walk-on quarterback Connor McGinnis, OU's lone QB for the 2015 class.

With summer workouts in full swing, a lot of players are reporting to campus. It’s not just the scholarship ones. Oklahoma is bringing another batch of preferred walk-ons with one of them being quarterback Connor McGinnis.

McGinnis, from Oklahoma City Heritage Hall, arrived at OU last week. But before he did, he spoke to Sooners Illustrated one last time.

Welcome to OU, Connor McGinnis.

The story: McGinnis is one heck of an interesting story because he’s not like a lot of preferred walk-ons. He was so good at football and so good at soccer but because he didn’t pursue either one of them 100 percent, schools backed off from him for both sports. McGinnis was a great two-way star for the Chargers and led them to another state championship last season. Now he has a home in Norman.

What was the toughest part of the recruiting process?

The toughest part was just trying to get my name out there and let myself get known by more college coaches. How to be recruited is something I definitely learned from the process.

What’s the No. 1 thing you’re looking forward to at OU?

I’m looking forward to getting out there and competing with the guys that are already there. You know the guys at OU are top-tier players, and I’m really excited about the opportunity.

How did it feel returning to OU for the spring game in April?

That was one of the cool things. I’ve been there before as a spectator and watching my favorite players, but it was really cool to be down there and seeing it and knowing that’s going to be my home. I’ve talked with Coach Riley and Coach (Drew) Hill about everything and helping me out with the basics.

Any idea what your major is going to be?

I have two ideas. Something that has to do with biology or possibly looking into the business side of things with commercial real estate. My dad is a doctor so that’s what I’ve grown up knowing. We’ll see, I’m not sure.

Knowing what you know now, would you have changed your recruitment?

I would have played football all the time because that’s the one I like the most. I don’t regret playing those other sports, but football is what I like. The last two years I didn’t plan on playing soccer, but I couldn’t keep myself off the field. Soccer has always been fun for me and the environments for football and soccer are two completely different things.

If it wasn’t OU, where would it have been?

I initially planned on going to Yale. I went to their camp last summer and loved it. I was told if I got a 27 on my ACT that I would be able to get in. The next ACT date I took it and ended up with a 27. But I heard nothing from the coaches or the coaches offices when I tried to get in touch with them. From June-October, I thought I was done. I thought I was set, going to Yale. It didn’t work out, but I know I am where I’m supposed to be now.

Does Justice Hansen’s departure give you any more hope than you had a couple of months ago?

Personally, it doesn’t change much. I’m still going to go in there and compete with the guys that are already there. It does mean there’s another spot, and I’m one spot closer, that’s all. I wish him luck at Butler (JC).

Do you feel like the forgotten guy?

Kind of, yea, but I like that. Nobody really knows much about me and my ability. I like to think I have a chip on my shoulder going forward.

What is it about Lincoln Riley that is making him so good at recruiting quarterbacks?

He’s a fun guy to talk with. He’s a good guy, easy to talk with. He’s a young, fiery guy and seems like he’s really fun to play for. It feels like you can get along with him real well. From talking to him, he’s really friendly. He’s new to OU so you can see he has a lot of energy and passion and has something to prove, too.

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