Bob Bowlsby quoteboard

Quoteboard with Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby at Big 12 media days.

Big 12 media days kicked off with commissioner Bob Bowlsby addressing the major issues for the conference and how the conference is looking right now.

Here are some of the notable quotes from his 45-minute session.

On Big 12 football

“This year has been interesting, challenging. It certainly was a wild football season last year and ended in a way that was hard for us to accept. But it is what it is. We felt like we had a terrific football season last year.

“But having said that, as a league, we got left out. We need to be in a constant improvement mode. We need to play better, and we need to do what we can to get better in every single way. This year we've undertaken some initiatives that I think will help us to get better in ways that are all around the competitive aspects of it.”

On court/field storming

“And relative to court storming and field storming, we're taking a little different approach than others. We are choosing to manage it rather than prohibit it. That is a daunting task, there isn't any doubt about it. We think that, properly managed, those kinds of celebrations can be a lot of fun.”

On switching to only two days of full contact during the season

“We have also taken another step that we don't because we don't think the national rule goes far enough. The national rule is three incidents of helmet to helmet full contact with live tackling and the like three times a week, including a game. Three times including the game, or a scrimmage if you didn't play in the game.

“We have adopted our ADs just adopted this, that we will go with a two contact per week rule that will be the game plus one other day of full contact, or a scrimmage for those that didn't play in the game and one other day of full contact.

“We believe it's the right step, and we hope it will become the national rule. Even if it doesn't, we think that that's the right way to conduct our practices.”

On why the switch was made

"Well, what we determined was our guys weren't using them anyway. So I don't think they feel like they're giving up anything, but you should ask them that. I think some of it is also style, and some of our guys don't even hit two days a week.

"The other thing is there's lots of opportunity to be in helmets and shoulder pads without full contact. When I say full contact, that means taking people to the ground. So there's a lot of wear and tear that goes on during the course of the football season. I don't think that we're going to find that this is a disadvantage. In fact, I think you may find that you have a healthier team in the second half of the season."

On ‘baggage’ transfers

“No, we haven't really talked about it. The issue of kids with baggage, you can argue that nobody should be prohibited from being involved just because they make one mistake. On the other hand, kids that have histories don't seem to have too much problem finding a place that they can go and play college sports.

“I think it's a really good conversation to have, but it's not one we've had yet."

On deregulation process

“We are the only league that plays a full round robin. We go into this year again with no championship game. The deregulation process is moving its way through the system. I fully expect that the postseason rules regarding having to have 12 members and regarding having to have six two six team divisions and play round robin in the division, I think those will be deregulated.

“I think we'll have the prerogative at some point in time to consider and implement a playoff game if we choose to. But our ADs have been very thoughtful about it and our CEOs have been very thoughtful about it, and we've put in place a tiebreaker that will ensure that not only do all of our schools play each other, but the title isn't going to be decided by who you didn't play.

“So whether we end up with a championship game down the road or not, we aren't going to have one this year."

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