Eric Striker unfiltered at Media Day

The trip to Dallas wasn't all business. There was a little bit of fun thrown in.

DALLAS – It’s no secret: Oklahoma linebacker Eric Striker is a fun guy to be around.

Here’s just a small taste of what he had to say at Big 12 Media Days on Tuesday:

On his maturity level. . . I’ve been here now. I’ve been through games. I feel like I’ve done everything the right way since I’ve been here. I’ve been at every meeting. I’ve been at every practice. I haven’t missed a class. I haven’t missed a tutor. When you look at that, I’ve been doing everything the right way since I’ve been here. Some guys just mature differently. Some guys take time.

On cost of attendance and the extra money he’ll get . . . That can help me maybe catch a flight (home) or take a nice lady on a date – go around and show her the city. Women love money. Women want you to spend that on them. Take them to the top of the Devon Tower, have a little steak. Take her to Top Golf. Top Golf ain’t cheap.

On his golf game . . . I suck at golf. The good thing about Top Golf is you just hit it as hard as you can.

On conserving that money . . . We had a little bit of an orientation when we got back home. Don’t blow you extra dollars on some crazy stuff. Use it for what’s important. . . . I’m sure some guys may go to the strip club with it. I don’t think they should. I think you should use it to go home or Top Golf. Take a lady on a date. Show off a little bit. Say, ‘Wow, you got it like this?’ Women love money. They love you to spend it on them.

On Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph . . . I don’t really have much to say about it. I haven’t really had many conversations with him. I’ve never met him. He’s just another quarterback – I’m trying to tear his back out. He’s another quarterback I’m trying to annihilate

On if Rudolph is tough to annihilate . . . None of them are tough to annihilate to be honest with you. I couldn’t tell. I get them and get them the way I get them.

On what kind of QB he prefers to play against . . . I don’t have a preference. I have a job. That’s to get him any way I can.

On wanting to play in his home state of Florida growing up . . . I didn’t follow college football. It was all like the NFL, like the Bucs. It wasn’t until I started getting recruited. Then I thought, ‘Well maybe I should look at these colleges.’ . . . I wasn’t a college football guy until I found out I could get a scholarship for this.

On when he decided to come back to Oklahoma . . . I thought about it after every loss. We got to the bowl game, and I just thought, ‘I can’t go out like this. I won’t go out like this. This is not the way to leave.’ You want to leave on a good note don’t you? . . . In hindsight, it was meant to be.

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