ScoutNow: Darlington - '2014 a wakeup call'

OU's 2014 was a disaster, but it might have led to the soul searching necessary for the Sooners in 2015.

It’s hard for anybody associated with Oklahoma to look at the 2014 season and try to find a silver lining. But if you’re a player or coach, it’s what you have to do.

Offensive lineman Ty Darlington is no different. He, like everybody else, was incredibly disappointed with how the season turned out. But he’s trying to find that positive.

“It was a wakeup call,” Darlington said. “Never ever would I embrace losing, but it did make us take a look in the mirror about why this happened.”

Quarterback Trevor Knight spoke about the issue, too, mentioning doing all the little things to stay on the right side of that fine line.

It sounds crazy, but if you dig more, you understand why they feel that way and why you could make the argument the 2014 team was better than 2013 but just not lucky.

With three losses coming by a combined eight points (four at TCU, one vs. Kansas State and three in overtime vs. Oklahoma State), the whole season is shaped up differently if just one or two of those games come together with OU on the positive side of things.

Of course that can’t happen. So all the Sooners can do is use the mistakes of the past to help fuel the success of the future.

“We had to look and see what are the little things that caused those losses to happen,” Darlington said. “We have to pay attention to every little detail. We have to come back hungrier and more accountable to one another.”

OU had eight turnovers that resulted in touchdowns for other schools. No matter how much talent you have, nobody has that margin of error anymore in college football. The Sooners learned that the hard way in 2014.

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