ScoutNow: Trevor Knight rises to the occasion

It couldn't have been comfortable, but Trevor Knight answered every last question like a champ at Big 12 media days.

Question after question he took it. Question after question he didn’t flinch. It became readily apparent early and often why Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops picked quarterback Trevor Knight to represent the Sooners at Big 12 media days.

Is he going to be the starting quarterback? To be determined. Is he the best ambassador of the university on and off the field? No doubt. He showed it time and time again as he was bombarded with questions about the quarterback battle, about his disappointing 2014 season and about his unknown future in the program.

His teammates know it and recognized it as well.

“You can say what you want about his on-the-field play or whatever you want to say about him, but the way he’s represented this university is beyond reproach,” center Ty Darlington said. “He’s the type of guy that you want doing these interviews and facing the camera and everything.

“Secondly, he’s good at it. You’re not going to back him into a corner. You can ask him whatever question you want. He’s not going to flip out on you. He’s not going to stutter and not have an answer for you. He’s smooth as butter.”

When describing Knight, the word used by the rest of the OU representatives at media days was leader. The consummate leader on and off the field.

Knight obviously didn’t have the success in 2014 like everybody predicted and like all OU fans hoped for. Coming off the dazzling display against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl victory, Knight was rarely ever able to duplicate that success.

In three of OU’s five losses, Knight threw a pick-six and in another, the 48-14 loss at home to Baylor, an interception was returned to the 1 yard line. Through it all, he has kept his cool. And going through it all made him appreciate his opportunity earlier this week.

“I think it’s an honor that I got chosen to be here again,” Knight said. “I think it shows that Coach Stoops and our coaching staff believe in me, not only as a football player but as a human being and a man that can conduct himself in the right way.

“I appreciate that more than anything. Again, I’m here not to talk about each specific thing, the quarterback battle or anything like that, but to provide insight into what the 2015 Sooners are all about. I’m humbled to be that guy.”

The rest of the 2015 season for Knight is a virtual unknown, but it got off to one heck of a start in Dallas this week.

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