Sooner mailbag: #OUDNA fallout?

Calendar turns to August with the first recruiting mailbag of the month as things heat up on the trail for OU.

August is here so we’re just about ready to be watching football instead of just talking about it. We’re not quite there yet so Sooners Illustrated returns once again with another Wednesday recruiting mailbag after a major week for OU.

Will the #OUDNA impact be felt in the future, or was it just a one night thing?

In four years doing this, never seen anything like Friday night with the #OUDNA hashtag taking over Twitter. More than 10,000 tweets when it was all said and done, and it seemed like everybody was having a great time.

It will be interesting to see if any recruits really paid attention to it. Of course the big thing with that is it’s tough to assume a recruit is following so many of the players and coaches so no way of knowing if their timeline was full of the tweets like sure most OU fans were.

It was a great night, though, for OU. Back-to-back commitments and evidence once again of the patient approach paying off. The Sooners never tried to force Chanse Sylvie or Bryce Youngquist into committing.

They allowed the process to happen and figured if it was meant to be, it would happen. It was a great rallying cry for the program and not just recruiting. After a disappointing 2014 season, it almost felt like their way of saying it’s 100 percent in the past.

Is OU going to run out of room in the secondary?

Yes. Sorry, no other way to slice it. With Chanse Sylvie coming onboard last week and Scout 300 defensive back Obi Eboh feeling like just a matter of time, yes, spots are going to be at a premium.

OU already had the commitment of junior college cornerback Maurice Chandler, and it’s hard to envision OU taking more than five defensive backs total for this class.

Granted, not all of these guys were going to head to OU in the end, but the door is closer faster and faster as Kerry Cooks puts his class together.

So how will it shake out for Baylen Buchanan, Chris Brown, Jordan Parker, Lamar Jackson, Shurod Thompson and Brandon Burton? There is absolutely no way right now anybody can predict how this will end up. You rather have too many options instead of zero, though, no doubt.

Does Bryce Youngquist’s commitment change anything with linebacker recruiting?

No, not at all. It’s just a huge shot in the arm knowing the Sooners have two quality linebackers already locked up. When you need at least four and maybe five total linebackers, having two midway through the cycle shouldn’t scare anybody off.

OU, again, going for the stars with this linebacker class. And as said before about the defensive backs, the Sooners weren’t going to get them all anyway.

But it will be interesting to see how things evolve with Caleb Kelly, Jordan Carmouche, Pernell Jefferson, Dontavious Jackson and possibly Calvin Bundage.

It’s hard to see OU missing out on Kelly and Jefferson, and it’s easy to see Jackson maybe going to Texas or Alabama. So the decider could come between Bundage and Carmouche. Bundage is more of a project at linebacker, while you already know what you’re getting with Carmouche.

Still, not a bad problem for OU to have at this position compared to the last couple of years.

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