Hite's OU 11: No. 9 Mark Andrews

Giant redshirt freshman receiver needs to be a red-zone threat for Sooners

During the next two weeks, Sooners Illustrated will rank Oklahoma’s players.

While Sooners Illustrated publisher Bob Przybylo will breakdown the best Sooners, we are talking about the most important players here – based on the opinion of Sooners Illustrated writer Justin Hite.

There will definitely be some crossover between the two lists, but this list in particular is based on who Oklahoma needs to be at the top of their game this season.

Let’s keep it rolling.

9. Mark Andrews

Mismatch monster, red-zone beast, touchdown machine: There are a lot of adjectives being attached to Andrews, who still has yet to play a game at Oklahoma.

Another one might be even simpler: Important.

He’ll do it with really elite athleticism for a 200-plus pound receiver.

“I saw Mark jump over a guy yesterday,” fellow receiver Jeffery Mead said Monday.

Andrews’ role in the offense won’t be exclusive to the red zone, but that’s where the Sooners might need him the most. The air-raid offense has one weakness – short-yardage, must-have first downs and touchdowns.

That’s where Andrews could be the biggest threat. In the red zone and the end zone, Andrews has the athleticism and the size to create space for touchdowns.

Oklahoma will need all of its wide receivers to be better than they were last year, but a lot is expected of Andrews this season. He’s been the talk of the spring and the summer. His game-changing ability in the spring game was pretty evident, too.

Andrews is just another player in a long line of well-hyped players at Oklahoma. Some have come through – some haven’t. It’s Andrews turn to prove that he’s not all hype. Oklahoma needs him to not be.

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