Przybylo's OU 11: No. 9 Steven Parker

Coming in at No. 9 is a highly touted 2014 class member ready to become the next big thing at OU.

With the season just around the corner, Sooners Illustrated is going to take a shot at guessing who will be the 11 players who make the biggest impact for Oklahoma in the 2015 season.

This version of the OU 11 is not based on how important they are to the team, but instead is based on what their projected production will be in the eyes of publisher Bob Przybylo.

Each weekday we'll be counting them down. Without further ado, the OU 11: Best performers.

No. 9 DB Steven Parker

Parker has raised the stakes. He said it at media day. He knows it. He’s not a little boy anymore. He has to be the man for OU, at least at the safety position.

Admittedly, it’s going to be tough classify what position Parker actually has on the defense. He’s not a corner. He’s not a safety, but he’s an absolute vital cog in this machine.

Parker got his feet wet last year and suffered some growing pains. Toward the end of the season, however, he was among the most consistent performers for OU’s much-maligned defense.

Now a sophomore, big things are expected for Parker, who feels like the complete package. A defensive back who can drop back in coverage with slot receivers. A defensive back who deliver a blow, and a defensive back who can help in run coverage and come off on a blitz.

There really isn’t much, when looking at Parker’s skill set, that the Jenks, Okla., native shouldn’t be able to do. This season should be the one where Parker becomes more than just a name OU fans know and one all of college football gets acquainted with very quickly.

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