Sooner mailbag: Is Obi Eboh out?

How is the rest of OU's secondary class going to shake out?

Four commitments in the span of 14 days will shake up a recruiting board, and it certainly has for Oklahoma. In this one-question mailbag Wednesday, Sooners Illustrated publisher Bob Przybylo tries to go inside the head of OU coaches and the secondary.

How is the secondary breaking down?

Still believe OU is only going to take four defensive backs for this class. Despite OU being in the hunt for so many top targets, legitimate four-star targets, you can’t take them all.

OU just closed out a home run of a secondary class with three safeties, two cornerbacks and one junior college transfer. Through the first full week of camp, reports are good for all six involved.

The strength of the 2015 class means you can’t just take any and everybody for the 2016 one. And with OU already nabbing three commitments, you can be choosy. You don’t necessarily say “commit now or else,” but you can reiterate that waiting might take away your spot.

Or as first-year defensive backs coach Kerry Cooks put it so succinctly on Twitter last month: “reserve your spot.”

OU’s commits:

*Juco cornerback Maurice Chandler

*Safety Chanse Sylvie

*Cornerback Parrish Cobb

Safety is the spot to watch. Is there a safety on OU’s board right now that it would make an exception for and take their commitment? Really not sure there is.

OU is in the hunt for safeties Demarkus Acy and Chris Brown but neither feel like OU guys right now and not the type of guys the Sooners will bend over backward to add to the class.

Calvin Bundage is always going to be a question mark because where does he stand? Safety? Linebacker? And Oklahoma State seems to be surging out in front with Bundage although he has yet to make his official visits to schools like Michigan, Oregon and UCLA, among others.

The Sooners Illustrated theory all along was first come, first serve between Cobb and Obi Eboh. It seemed crazy to turn down somebody like Eboh, ranked in the top 200 nationally, at a school like Southlake Carroll where OU needs to continue building a great relationship.

Cobb jumped first Saturday, but did it close the door on Eboh? Don’t think so. OU is starting to narrow its board, obviously, with the rather startling news of four-star safety Shurod Thompson no longer visiting campus in October.

But you have to believe Thompson’s best friend, four-star cornerback Jordan Parker, is certainly in play for OU.

Has it now gotten to a point where OU is choosing between Parker and Eboh? The intriguing part of that scenario is that Parker obviously is not going to get to campus until October so what does Eboh do in the meantime?

Eboh has visited OU three times in the last 12 months and you talk to people around his camp and sources within OU, and it feels like he’s a lock for the Sooners. So the question remains why the wait, and where does OU stand with him and vice versa after the last two weeks?

It’s a great (and new) problem for OU to have. Usually the Sooners are sort of trying to find a way to earn enough commitments to close out a class. In this case, they’re in a spot where they’re able to turn down quality names but still earn the quality commitments, too.

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