Przybylo's OU 11: No. 7 Dede Westbrook

First week of the OU 11 concludes with a junior college transfer at receiver.

With the season just around the corner, Sooners Illustrated is going to take a shot at guessing who will be the 11 players who make the biggest impact for Oklahoma in the 2015 season.

This version of the OU 11 is not based on how important they are to the team, but instead is based on what their projected production will be in the eyes of publisher Bob Przybylo.

Each weekday we'll be counting them down. Without further ado, the OU 11: Best performers.

No. 7 WR Dede Westbrook

The numbers Westbrook put in the spring were eye-catching. The reports of him tearing up the summer have been a welcome sign. But now he’ll have to show he can do it on the biggest of stages.

Westbrook seems like a sure-fire can’t-miss player for the Sooners, but you never know with junior college transfers. What will help him more than anything is having senior Sterling Shepard right there on the other side of him.

Shepard and Westbrook will only get to be together for one season, but many believe they’re going to make it a season to remember for OU fans and one to forget for opposing secondaries.

The fact they both bring such different traits to the table should absolutely bode well for OU going forward. Westbrook can be placed on the outside, and when you factor in his speed and his hands, he’s going to be fun to watch.

The Sooners have lacked that game-changer the last couple of years. Quality receivers, but not the ones that take your breath away and can change the game in one play. That’s the type of ability Westbrook has, and that’s the type of season he’s going to have to have for OU to get back in the national conversation.

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