Hite's OU 11: No. 5 Josiah St. John

Sooners' blind side needs to be well-manned this season

During the next two weeks, Sooners Illustrated will rank Oklahoma’s players.

While Sooners Illustrated publisher Bob Przybylo will breakdown the best Sooners, we are talking about the most important players here – based on the opinion of Sooners Illustrated writer Justin Hite.

There will definitely be some crossover between the two lists, but this list in particular is based on who Oklahoma needs to be at the top of their game this season.

Let’s keep it rolling.

5. Josiah St. John

The list has been read before with Tyrus Thompson, Phil Loadholt, Trent Williams, Jammal Brown and Lane Johnson as just a few of the left tackles at Oklahoma that are still playing in the NFL or played professionally for many years.

St. John is the next one – or at least he’ll try to be.

From all accounts, St. John is taking strides to do exactly that, and he’s traveling a path that a few former Sooners have traveled. Loadholt and Johnson both transferred to Oklahoma from junior colleges during their college careers.

St. John, who didn’t even play left tackle until his junior year in high school after a recommendation from his coach, said that the competition on the edge has helped him and the new tempo of the offense is getting easier on easier.

Oklahoma doesn’t need St. John to be perfect or an obvious first-round draft pick, like the Sooners have had in a large amount under Bob Stoops. He’ll need to somehow become a leader for Oklahoma, which has a mass of young tackles behind St. John and starting right tackle Derek Farniok, a redshirt senior.

St. John doesn’t need to be perfect, but he has to provide enough stability with his play to make Oklahoma forget about its left tackle. The Sooners have enough issues on the right side, and with the suspension of Kenyon Frison, there is even less depth. St. John can take care of that.

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