Zack Sanchez embraces 'haters'

Call Zack Sanchez out on Twitter, and he might just respond.

Cornerback is always going to be a position of heavy scrutiny. Oklahoma is no different, and nobody has felt the wrath more than cornerback Zack Sanchez.

Sanchez, entering his redshirt junior season, has made a number of huge plays for OU the last two years. But most remember the times he’s not in the right position and like to call him out for it on social media.

What they don’t expect, however, is for Sanchez to answer back, which he will do from time-to-time.

“It’s something that every athlete goes through,” Sanchez said. “It’s fun and sometimes I’ll just troll someone. Sometimes you got to give attention to some of your haters.”

Sanchez will usually keep it clean. There have been times when he’s gone a little too far and a teammate or assistant coach has made sure he tries to tone it down.

Sanchez said those responses make the “haters’” day, and he finds it funny the ones talking him down are usually the ones who are following him.

“I’ll do it like once a month,” Sanchez said. “They talk all that stuff, but they still follow you. It’s fun to interact with them sometimes.”

Sanchez said there is no secret to what will trigger a response. Basically, if Sanchez is just chilling and bored, he might answer. If he’s doing something, he won’t pay any attention to it and just moves on.

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