Przybylo's OU 11: No. 5 Charles Tapper

Best performers of OU's season has reached the top five and a senior defensive end.

With the season just around the corner, Sooners Illustrated is going to take a shot at guessing who will be the 11 players who make the biggest impact for Oklahoma in the 2015 season.

This version of the OU 11 is not based on how important they are to the team, but instead is based on what their projected production will be in the eyes of publisher Bob Przybylo.

Each weekday we'll be counting them down. Without further ado, the OU 11: Best performers.

No. 5 DE Charles Tapper

Last year is in the past for Tapper, or at least it better be. Many expected Tapper to have the type of season that led to a serious question about whether or not he would return for his senior season.

That obviously didn’t happen. Distractions off the field kept Tapper from producing on it. Now as a senior, it’s his final shot to make something special happen.

The pieces are in play for Tapper to do just that, including first-year coach Diron Reynolds and his ability to get the best out of his players.

Tapper will need to be a force off the edge and display that explosive playmaking ability OU fans saw so much during his sophomore season and why everybody thought last year would be so great for the Baltimore native.

As long as Tapper has been able to gel with Reynolds as much as everybody believes has been the case, then everything should work out. OU’s defensive personnel is still a bit of a mystery, but Tapper will have to play a huge role no matter what the alignment ends up being.

More than just his play on the field, Tapper is going to be that vocal presence off the field, too, in helping make sure the Sooners’ defensive line takes care of business.

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