Ty Darlington working on snaps

Sooners center looks to keep the exchange consistent

If nobody gave Oklahoma center Ty Darlington a second thought, that would be best for all parties involved. Fans only think of the center when he screws something up.

Last season, Darlington had a bit of the yips when it came to snaps out of the shotgun/pistol.

Now that tempo is so much more important to the offense, Darlington’s name can’t come up in conversation during games or on the play-by-play announcer’s lips. He’s working on making sure that doesn’t happen.

“I’ve been more consistent so far, just tweaking some things with the way I’m snapping the ball,” he said. “. . . I’ve worked on it through the off-season and everything. I’m not really worried about that.”

Darlington has been snapping long enough that he knows his flaws: He almost never misses to the left. It’s always to the right and almost always high. He’s also got a little bit of a buffer, knowing that the athletic quarterbacks on the roster can snag a bad snap with one hand if need be.

He knows all of his mistakes. Now, he just has to make sure they don’t crop up again.

“I know that on certain blocks with the way I’m stepping I tend to turn my hips a certain way or I tend to short the ball when I’m trying to bring my hand up faster,” Darlington said. “When I’m in a situation like that I just have to focus on it and focus on following through with it, and maybe even aiming a little bit and over-correcting.”

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