Hite's OU 11: No. 1 Baker Mayfield

Quarterback is the most important position for the Sooners, no matter who it is

During the next two weeks, Sooners Illustrated will rank Oklahoma’s players.

While Sooners Illustrated publisher Bob Przybylo will breakdown the best Sooners, we are talking about the most important players here – based on the opinion of Sooners Illustrated writer Justin Hite.

There will definitely be some crossover between the two lists, but this list in particular is based on who Oklahoma needs to be at the top of their game this season.

Let’s finish this up.

1. Baker Mayfield

This spot might be reserved for another quarterback, but for now, let’s just say it’s Mayfield – although it could clearly be Trevor Knight or Cody Thomas.

No matter who it is, the No. 1 spot on the list is reserved for the starting quarterback in Lincoln Riley’s offense. He’s a player that doesn’t need to be over the top but has to be consistent in his decision making.

First, someone has to win the job.

“At this point, I don’t think it matters to any of us,” Mayfield said. “We’re still trying to work on our stuff individually to get better. Obviously, we’d probably like to know, but it doesn’t really matter when it comes down to it.”

Of the three, Mayfield’s numbers – and his experience – best fit in the current system. Although, Thomas isn’t far behind in terms of a good fit but much further in terms of numbers. Mayfield has the best career completion percentage (64.1) of the bunch and the best attempt-to-interception ratio (37.8-1).

“We don’t need to make too many big plays or look spectacular to win the job,” Mayfield said. “Stick to the basics, do what you can and control what you can control when it comes down it. And then you’ll be able to win.”

That’s exactly where the importance lies: In not making a mistake – or a big mistake.

No matter who the starting quarterback is this year for Oklahoma, that’s the biggest challenge. Mayfield can’t try to do too much. That might be one of the toughest roles to play for the gunslinger.

If he just does his job, Oklahoma will be at its best. And his job is relatively easy.

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