Sooner Intel, Pt. I: News and nuggets

Intel is back with an OKPreps flavor after Sooners had many top prospects on campus.

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Lewis moving up OU’s board

Not all in-state recruits can make the trips. For every recruit that can tour the country, there is another one that essentially has stay within a short travel radius.

That’s the case for Moore (Okla.) Southmoore’s Quindon Lewis. Ranked No. 287 in the Scout 300 for the 2017 class, there are a lot of questions as to why this is the case.

His lack of offers is one major thing people point toward, but simply put, Lewis hasn’t been able to get his name out there as much as he would like.

Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing for OU as Lewis made yet another trip to Norman this last weekend.

When talking about his junior season, Lewis is mentioning how much comfortable he is feeling at cornerback.

“I’m trusting my instincts and have a lot more confidence,” Lewis said. “It’s all natural this year. I was still learning last year. I know all the signals and know what I have to do.”

Except when it comes to OU. It was a surprise for some when Lewis was at wide receiver for OU’s elite one-day camp. His logic was it was offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley who invited him to the camp so that was the position he was going to try.

How did it go? For someone who has always felt natural at receiver, it was as good as you would expect. The only defensive back, Lewis said, got the best of him was Lawrenceville (Ga.) Archer safety Isaiah Pryor, who is now committed to Ohio State.

“But that was only one time,” Lewis said. “He’s good, but I wish I could have gotten another shot at him.”

Lewis continues to talk to Riley and defensive backs coach Kerry Cooks. His position with OU seems to be up in the air, what isn’t, however, is the interest.

According to Lewis, the offer from OU is a matter of when and not if after speaking to Riley even more last weekend.

“He said we’re not going to wait,” Lewis said. “We’re not going to wait, and we want to keep the best kids home. It feels real good to hear that. It boosts my confidence a lot, and I know I can come through for them.”

Lewis, for his part, said he doesn’t really care right now what position he plays. Being a receiver for so long also has helped him in the secondary because he believes he knows what to look for.

He said he does intend to make some OU games this season. It will be real interesting if this turns into another Will Sunderland situation. Remember two years ago OU asked Sunderland to come to the first game and was offered right there in person.

If Lewis were to attend OU’s game against Akron in two weeks, will the offer be waiting for him? Intriguing question.

For now, the focus is on his junior season. Southmoore was supposed to be a year away from the playoffs last season and made it. This year, it’s supposed to be perhaps the best team on the west side of the state.

It’s not about exceeding expectations but meeting them.

“It feels a lot different,” Lewis said. “It’s a different chip on our shoulders. This year it’s about showing people that don’t expect us to be good why we are that good and why so many people do think we can be special.”

Moore with full OU tour

When Oklahoma City John Marshall offensive lineman Tramonda Moore went to OU’s elite camp, he wasn’t an unknown, but he wasn’t the headliner, either.

Moore’s physical stature could not be ignored, but there were some academic issues lingering that kept schools from making that leap.

Offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh was the first coach to jump in during the spring. And following an impressive outing at the camp, an offer followed the next week.

Others followed, but it wasn’t until a summer trip to Alabama where the whole recruiting game changed for the tackle.

“It was amazing,” Moore said. “What everybody thinks about Alabama and what it is – that’s actually what it is. It has great facilities and a great coaching staff.”

Moore admitted he was a little nervous heading into Bama’s camp, but he settled down and earned the offer from Nick Saban following his performance.

Other SEC schools have followed, and Moore thought he was ready to release his five official visits a couple of weeks ago. After talking to his family and friends, though, Moore decided to hold off on that thought and wait.

Moore is not sure where he’s going to go, but it’s most likely going to involve out of state schools because he has visited OU and Oklahoma State several times and can visit those schools basically whenever he needs to do so.

A school like Arizona State seems to be in the running as well as Georgia and TCU to go with the aforementioned Tide.

“Every weekend I’ll most likely be on some campus,” Moore said. “My head coach understands the process, and he gives us weekends off. I’m going to hit all the universities I can.

His head coach is former OSU wide receiver Rashaun Woods, but Woods isn’t trying to force him to be a Cowboy. After a trip to OSU two weeks ago, Moore returned to Norman last weekend.

This was a real trip. Not a condensed version of a camp. This was quality time with coaches, players and seeing the facilities and campus.

“This was way more fun,” Moore said. “It was great to watch the scrimmage and see the players and coaches. I got to talk to Bob Stoops, Bedenbaugh and Riley.

“Oklahoma has always been a team I’ve loved. My older cousin (Tracy Moore) going to OSU sort of changed things, but I remember the days of (Juaquin) Iglesias and (Malcolm) Kelly. And the offensive linemen they’ve sent to the NFL is crazy. They’re definitely in my top five.”

A top five that doesn’t exist yet, but it seems a given OU and OSU will be in this hunt until the very end. Moore is looking at the depth chart, and he sees a lot of young guys for the Sooners. After talking to Orlando Brown, it gave him a better idea of things.

“He’s a real cool kid,” Moore said. “He said it’s the best decision he’s ever made. He said Coach B really changed him and made him more physical.”

The spotlight is now on Moore and John Marshall as the Bears are expected to be one of several contenders for a state championship this season.

He’s fine with that, both for himself and the team.

“Being ranked so high and all that stuff, other players are trying to mess with me,” Moore said. “That’s fine. I go hard every day. I do my job, and the running back knows that gap is going to be open.”

Moore said he doesn’t anticipate taking another trip before his senior season starts.

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