Mayfield's decisiveness fits in OU's scheme

Sooners' attack needs a QB who doesn't second-guess. That's Mayfield.

The consensus among all three quarterbacks vying for the start spot at the helm of Oklahoma was pretty clear: Be decisive and don’t turn back.

In offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley’s offense, there isn’t room for second-guessing.

“It’s an offense where you have to play fast and be really decisive with where you’re going,” sophomore Cody Thomas said.

“Once you make a decision, go full speed with it,” incumbent Trevor Knight said. “Sometimes, it might not even be the best look. If you’re decisive with your decision, it ends up being a good play.”

"There are plays that will work no matter what,” said Baker Mayfield, who was announced as Oklahoma’s starting quarterback on Monday.

Those statements are just a very small segment of each player’s personality and decision-making choices, but in an offense where being decisive is just about as important as anything else, it’s pretty clear that Mayfield is the best fit.

There seems to be a mental path that Mayfield travels with every play, and he doesn’t look back. Mayfield makes a choice, and that’s the choice he sticks with until the end - sometimes to his detriment.

“When bad things happen, I don't let it get to me,” Mayfield said. “I've got to realize the next play's the most important.”

Knight recently said that Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops stepped into the meeting room during preseason camp and told the group that he was pleased with their decisiveness – that there are plays that should be covered up that are being made.

“That’s just a testament to the decision making of the scheme,” Knight said.

It’s a testament to exactly how well Mayfield fit into that scheme that he could go from a two-time walk-on to the starting quarterback of a top-25 program. He fits the best, and that’s why he’s the starting quarterback.

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