Five familiar captains named for Sooners

No shock to hear who OU's five captains for the 2015 season are going to be - they're ready.

The SAE incident back in March brought out the worst in Oklahoma and the best in its players all at the same time.

The racial chant that went viral struck a chord and could have easily divided the team. Instead, it unified them. Along the way, there was a group of seven who unofficially became the voice of the team regarding the incident.

It wasn’t surprising to hear Monday evening that all five of OU’s team captains for 2015 were among those seven who spoke out so articulately regarding the SAE incident.

Head coach Bob Stoops announced seniors Ty Darlington, Nila Kasitati, Trevor Knight, Charles Tapper and Eric Striker are the team captains for the Sooners.

The five were voted on by the players and then approved by Stoops. It’s interesting, obviously, to see Knight in that mix as the same day that was announced was same day Baker Mayfield was named the starting quarterback.

No doubt all five have the respect of their teammates and coaches. OU appeared to lack in true leadership for the 2014 season. Some of them were in a tough spot to be leaders, while others perhaps weren’t quite ready to take on that position.

There are no questions at all about this group. This quintet has been there for a long time, know what’s expected of them and will do their best to make sure they get the job done.

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