OU's Canadian Connection

The OU Canadian Connection added one more this year with Neville Gallimore arriving.

Oklahoma senior left tackle Josiah St. John has some company. The offensive line competition continues, but this company is on a national stage.

For the last two seasons, St. John has been the sole Canadian representative for the Sooners. That, of course, changed with the signing of Scout 100 defensive lineman Neville Gallimore.

St. John is from Toronto, while Gallimore is from Ottawa. But either way you slice it, they’re home in Norman.

“I love it,” St. John said. “My family Jamaican, and his is the same thing. Whenever he needs something, I’m there. It’s like having a piece of home here.”

St. John is definitely competing for a starting tackle job and could be one of the starters when Akron comes to town next month.

It’s too early to know what the future holds for Gallimore. There has been talk of him being an end and talk of him being a tackle. St. John doesn’t know what the future holds for Gallimore in terms of position, but he knows he’ll be successful.

“He’s going to be fine,” St. John said. “With that type of size and athleticism, and he can run. He’s going to be somebody to watch. This is his first camp so I’m just telling him to soak it all in and take it one day at a time.”

Gallimore has already put on more than 30 pounds since reporting to OU in the summer and seems primed to be someone to watch at tackle in the future.

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