Trevor Knight prepared to lead as backup

Sooners former starting quarterback understands his role with Oklahoma

To teammate and roommate Ty Darlington, Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight hasn’t changed much. He’s relatively the same guy, said the Sooners’ senior center, who has been Knight’s roommate throughout college.

Knight might even be a little more relaxed – sort of like a weight is off his shoulders. He’s no longer Oklahoma’s starting quarterback, having lost the job to Baker Mayfield last week.

It’s a position Knight has been in before and one that he’s not shying away from any time soon.

“You’re one step away from being the guy again and having to be ready to go win a bunch of big ball games,” Knight said. “You never know what can happen down the stretch of the season.”

Knight was in this same position two years ago, when Blake Bell took over the starting spot after he went down with an injury. Knight battled through and won the gig back before the Sugar Bowl victory against Alabama.

The past 18 months since then have set Knight on a different course – one that both lost him the starting job and turned him into a key leader for Oklahoma.

“I have to use that leadership to help us,” said Knight, who was a member of Oklahoma’s leader council in the spring and voted as a two-time captain last weekend. “Everybody’s got a role whether you’re the guy making all the plays on the field or whether you’re the guy on the sideline or you’re the guy up in the stands that doesn’t even get to suit out.

“Everybody’s got a role throughout the week. You just have to do it to the best of your ability.”

Knight has always been a constant leader for Oklahoma, saying Monday that he has always wanted whatever gets the Sooners a victory on Saturdays and pointing out that no other school – outside of Ohio State – has three quarterbacks who have played in major conference games.

He wants to help Mayfield from the sideline and cited a need for an emotional leader to help keep the new offense, which is so predicated on rhythm, moving forward by being positive.

Knight also always has to be ready at a moment’s notice.

“I’ve always been that way,” Knight said. “. . . I’m just going to come out and keep working extremely hard. I know it’s just one snap away when I’m going to have to be called on. Hopefully, it’s in a big situation where I can go and perform well.”

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