Introducing TE Blake Williams

There are a lot of reasons to watch Mustang this season and Blake Williams is one of those guys.

It’s still possible to be entering your senior year of high school and not be known on the national recruiting radar.

Mustang (Okla.) High tight end Blake Williams is the latest example. He introduced himself to the recruiting world with one banner outing at North Carolina this summer to earn the offer from the Tar Heels.

The natural question became why has UNC offered and not hometown powers Oklahoma or Oklahoma State? That’s where things get interesting.

It’s not effort. It’s not attitude. It’s not even injuries. For Williams, the constant issue has been his physical health, whether or not he can actually play the game of football and be healthy.

He believes he’s reached that point.

“My body feels fine,” said Williams last week after a scrimmage. “It wasn’t a problem. This was like my first time in three years to be under the lights like this on a football night and to get back into the rhythm of things.”

Williams was diagnosed in 2013 with autonomic dysfunction with orthostatic Intolerance and high blood pressure. Because of this, some of the difficulties he’s had include improper blood flow that can lead to tachycardia (fast heart rate), bradycardia (slow heart rate), palpitations, chest discomfort, low blood pressure, light headedness, among various other issues.

He was actually supposed to be a Class of 2015 recruit, but he missed his entire junior year of high school to battle his health issues and was able to reclassify for 2016.

Williams showed signs of why he should have one heck of a busy fall and winter on the recruiting trail during the summer and during the scrimmage. But he knows he still has a long way to go and is still adjusting to things.

“At camps didn’t have a helmet on so there wasn’t a blind spot so I have to figure that out,” Williams said. “I have to get back my hand-eye coordination.”

Williams impressed at other schools during the summer, too. The story was the same. If he had one piece of quality tape, he’d have an offer. Unfortunately, he simply doesn’t right now.

He’s hoping that will come when Mustang kicks off its season this weekend against rival Yukon. And he should get a lot of opportunities with Wyoming commit quarterback Chandler Garrett throwing it all over the field.

Williams has heard from a number of top schools in the SEC and said as of now, Oklahoma State is showing more in-state interest than OU.

That could change obviously, and Williams said he hasn’t ruled out the Sooners or any other school for that matter. He’s just glad to be playing again and doesn’t feel any pressure at all about having to stand out as a senior.

“I have no worries,” Williams said. “Slowly but surely I’ve gotten back and on the road to recovery. I don’t feel a lot of pressure. I’m kind of mellow on that. There is no real pressure that is caving in on me.”

After all he has been through off the field, Williams is just happy to finally get that chance on the field this season.

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