OU focuses on tackling but tackle less

Because of live contact restrictions, Sooners have focused on how to tackle

Tackling has been a focus for Oklahoma throughout the entire preseason camp. Actual tackling hasn’t been as much of an focus – and that may be the reason for the Sooners being as healthy as they ever have been under Bob Stoops.

Drills and understand leverage points have been key, but live tackling has been limited.

“That’s a tough balancing act,” Oklahoma defensive coordinator Mike Stoops said. “You’re never really right. We feel comfortable. . . . We feel our guys know how to play and what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Mike Stoops said the Sooners, who struggled with missed tackles in losses last season, have worked extensively on tackling drills that focus on open-space takedowns because of the emphasis of spread offenses in the Big 12 Conference.

Oklahoma hasn’t had much live tackling because it hasn’t had many live sessions. Based on NCAA regulations, teams are only allowed 12 total preseason live contact practice and only three can be live for more than 50 percent of the time (usually reserved for scrimmages).

Once the season begins there can be no more than two live contact practices per week.

“Hopefully, our position on the football will be good, and we'll tackle well," Mike Stoops said.

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