OU Unfiltered: Guard Nila Kasitati

Senior lineman sounds off on the need for improve up front for Sooners

You’ve got a place to start and build off with the line. How do you think you guys did?

We still have the young guys who hadn’t experience a real game-like situation in front of a crowd. Just going against another person other than the guys we have was nice. For the most part, it wasn’t good, but it wasn’t too bad. I’m glad we got those first-time jitters out of there and got used to coming in for the second quarter and sort of rolling from then on.

How do you improve the run game?

Just the O-line coming down and understanding their technique and their assignments to make sure they are basically assignment sound so they can focus on their technique and know what they are seeing out there.

Is it tough to start as a freshman on the offensive line like Orlando Brown and Dru Samia did Saturday?

It’s pretty hard for them, especially at tackle – being out there by themselves at times. It’s definitely a difficult job and position that they have to play. Them being young has a lot to play in it: Not ever being in a game or this being their first game ever coming out and seeing different people. They sort of worked it out and came back sort of at the end. We’ve still got a lot to work on. It’s great to build off this first game.

What’s the main thing you need to correct?

I think it’s maybe getting more film. Getting to the film room more and understanding what they’re going to see from Tennessee or whatever opponent it is. It just comes down to how much time you put in and your effort in practice and stuff like that. Just understanding your stuff.

Are you pitching to do a pre-game Haka dance anymore?

We’ll see.

How different is the communication on the offensive line without veterans like Tyrus Thompson and Daryl Williams?

Having the young guys and them being on the edges, they have to see what’s coming from over there. There are some things that Ty or the inside guys won’t see that they have to see: Just having to be alert to that and being aware of where it’s at and what’s the situation. Putting that all together is everything.

How did you improve against Akron after the first-quarter struggles?

(Akron) came out switching up from even to odd fronts. So settling in there and not really worrying about the switching or making it a big deal, after seeing that and getting used to it, we sort of settled down and trusted our keys.

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