OU's O-line has a plan for improvement

Sooners' veterans hope to guide younger players in the film room

Late switches across the line of scrimmage weren’t a problem for Oklahoma center Ty Darlington last year. The guys around him had a pretty good idea of what needed to happen. He was the one on the offensive line still learning.

When Akron jumped from a three-men front to a four-man front and vice versa early in Saturday’s season opener, the Oklahoma offensive line that featured two freshmen and a sophomore making his first start was left a bit confused.

“I think where we’re going to have to get a lot better is everyone can’t rely on me to make all the calls and ID everything,” Darlington said. “Things are going to change, and I think that’s what we saw (Saturday). When things change at the last minute, we don’t have time to sit down and say, ‘You go here, you go here and you go here.’

“When things change at the last minute, we’ve got to be able to react and trust our rules. Everybody has to be on the same page.”

Darlington and senior guard Nila Kasitati said the line settled down as the game progressed and it simplified its thought process.

The two seniors on the offensive line also plan on helping the younger linemen accelerate the learning curve.

“It’s definitely something as a veteran of the game that we sort of have to step on and get in the film room with the younger guys and make them understand,” Kasitati said.

Darlington hopes that seeing the defensive tendencies on film will translate into quicker calls on the field but took responsibility for needing to keep the offensive line together.

“When they’re doing some of their shifting and stuff, I have to be able to react faster and make calls faster and get everyone on the same page faster,” Darlingoton said.

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