Eric Striker on a roll on a Tuesday

Never one to hold back, OU senior linebacker Eric Striker was in rare form Tuesday evening with the media.

There’s no doubt Eric Striker has become the go-to guy with Oklahoma and the media. The senior linebacker has embraced the role, and it’s not really an interview anymore as it’s become a two-way conversation.

In preparation for the Sooners showdown this weekend at Tennessee, OU beat writers wanted to speak to Striker, and the team captain didn’t disappoint.

Although almost all of the coverage about what Striker said Tuesday evening is going to be centered around one quote about the SEC, as you see here, Striker had plenty of insight on a lot of different topics.

On Tennessee quarterback Joshua Dobbs

“I think that’s their whole offense. If we can get him, that’s the key to stopping them… They want to do everything through him. With his ability, he’s versatile. We’ve got to contain him and stop him, and I think we’ll be successful.”

On this game being on such a big stage

“That’s why we come to college football, D-I – to play these type of opponents, go on the road. It’s 105 (thousand) – just the environment is big. I look forward to the moment – national TV to show everybody what you’ve got. It’s a big test for us. We’re all looking forward to it. If we could fly tomorrow and play, I think we would.”

On being jacked vs. SEC opponent

“I don’t know why people blow gas up their a-- all the time. I don’t understand why. It sucks. Are you all the ones? Who is it? It’s ESPN.

“That’s a couple teams. I look forward to it. I like to prove people wrong. I like that. They say this about you. They say this about your opponent. They say they’ve got this, got that. What you don’t understand is that you have to get it done between the lines. That’s all that matters. Who’s the better team when the whistle blows between the lines? That’s all I care about. It’s kind of funny to hear them talk about that. I know when you get between the lines, I hope SEC players don’t let it go to their head. That’s how you get beat. I look forward to gassing them up – bringing them right back down to earth.”

On Bob Stoops ‘calling out’ SEC in the past

“I did like that. I was behind coach all the way. I really did like that. They are going to say the same thing every year about the SEC.”

On having young players step up in games like this

“Being on the road, it feels like us against the world. You need that for momentum and energy. You need that big play and you need to feed off each other. You have to create your own energy because we don’t have the crowd. All we have is each other. That’ll be big Saturday. Guys out there making big plays, we can feed off that. It’s a big boost for us.

On if he gets nervous

“You’re always nervous before every game. It’s just that good nerves, the anticipation. Once you get a few plays out of the way, it just relieves. There’s always some nerves. I never really walked into a game comfortable like that, any game. There’s just those nerves you always have. Like before a big exam, those nerves. Once you get the test, you answer the first question or you look over the questions, and it calms you down a bit.”

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