Austin Seibert cool under pressure

Pressure kick after another, but Austin Seibert was up to the task for the Sooners.

Everything is magnified on a stage like Tennessee even things like extra points, especially when you’re a freshman like Oklahoma kicker Austin Seibert.

For two of those extra points, Seibert had the game on his foot. It was 17-16 Vols with 40 seconds left before Seibert booted it home. And then it was 24-23 Vols in overtime before Seibert tied it again.

He made both of those unlike in pregame warmups.

“I got to admit, I saw him miss the extra point when we practiced, you know, right when we leave the field when we’re warming up,” head coach Bob Stoops said. “I looked at Coach Boulware and I thought, ‘uh oh, this may be, you wonder, is he going to be able to handle it?’ Sure enough, he did.”

Seibert also connected on a 35-yard field goal to give OU its first points of the game and averaged more than 43 yards per punt. The average dipped a little but that was because Stoops stressed hang time instead of distance.

Through two games, there hasn’t been one sign that Seibert isn’t up for any and all tasks put in front of him. First field goal, first stress kick, first hostile environment – check, check and check.

“When you know the guy, he’s a confident young guy without – being confident without being annoying about it,” Stoops said. “I don’t how else to say it. He really is. He’s really a neat young man and has a great personality to him.”

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