Sooner mailbag: CB take your pick?

Another week and another recruiting mailbag as Sooners head to bye week.

It’s a bye week for Oklahoma, but as you know, recruiting never sleeps. Back again for another Wednesday recruiting mailbag.

Take your pick: Jordan Parker or Baylen Buchanan for OU’s final cornerback spot for the 2016 class?

Did this back in the spring with Parrish Cobb and Obi Eboh. Cobb won that one. Now it seems once again it will absolutely be down to Parker or Buchanan for the Sooners in filling out their secondary class.

Both are expected to visit OU next weekend. There’s no regional advantage with Buchanan being from Georgia and Parker from California so throw that out the window.

Both are not among the tallest corners around as each is listed at 5-foot-11. Parker is said to be significantly faster than Buchanan, who is still technically committed to Louisville at the moment.

Parker was once committed to UCLA and also has appeared to be a package deal with Shurod Thompson, who OU decided to stop pursuing last month.

If you’re asking take your pick, the pick is Parker. His speed is something OU’s secondary has been lacking, and you saw it rear its ugly head once again last week. OU needs fast guys in the backfield.

But just think Parker is going to give off a vibe of not being 100 percent sure of where he’s going. The good news is he’s already named Nov. 1 his commitment date so it won’t be too much longer.

Think OU’s best shot is with Buchanan, who is from the same high school as Orlando Brown. The question is would OU accept his commitment before Parker makes a choice? Don’t know.

What is known once again is the job defensive backs coach Kerry Cooks has done for this class. He is putting together a solid group, and he’s making sure OU has options from one quality prospect after another.

How detrimental is the 11 a.m. kick for West Virginia?

It’s big, no doubt about that. Take away “stripe the stadium.” Take away the lack of a real environment that early in the morning. Just talk logistics.

OU is having several out of region official visitors next weekend. Namely California (Parker, Lamar Jackson, Brandon Burton) and Georgia (E.J. Price, Buchanan).

Provided they don’t have a bye, that is going to be one whirlwind weekend of guys playing late Friday night, catching an early flight to Oklahoma City and getting to Norman in time for the game.

The only positive is if OU is able to produce against the Mountaineers, the rest of that visit is going to be an absolute blast. Players, coaches will be in a good mood. The vibe in Norman is going to be fantastic that adrenaline should just carry the kids over until they get home from their visit.

But if OU doesn’t bring it, it can lead to a sour mood. Saw that happen a lot last year. Remember the only uncommitted official visitor to sign with OU who visited on a losing weekend (Bedlam) was defensive lineman Gabriel Campbell.

That’s it. Love to say one game in recruiting doesn’t matter, but an overall vibe of a visit does matter. And if you can’t shake off the disappointment of losing, especially the way OU lost home games vs. KSU, Baylor and OSU last year, then the visit is going to suffer.

OU should still be able to bring big guns from the state and Texas for the 11 a.m. kick, but it’s awfully tough to get out of region prospects for an unofficial with such an early morning kick.

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