Top 5 Baker Mayfield plays

Top five Baker Mayfield plays from OU's first three games, and it was harder than you might think.

Through three games, it’s almost hard to imagine how it was ever a quarterback competition at Oklahoma between Baker Mayfield, Trevor Knight and Cody Thomas.

Mayfield has been sensational in helping the Sooners to a 3-0 start. He 74-of-110 passing for 1,062 yards with 10 touchdowns and two interceptions, completing 67 percent of his passes.

He’s made plays on the ground, too, 139 yards and four touchdowns. And he’s delivered some moments.

A lot to choose from, but here are the top five Mayfield moments this season.

No. 5: Mayfield extends play, finds Perine for TD

OU was down 17-3 in the fourth quarter at Tennessee and faced a third-and-goal at the two yard line. Mayfield faked to Samaje Perine with the thought he would be open after the fake.

That didn’t happen. The Vol defense had it snuffed out so Mayfield kept rolling out toward the sideline before throwing a dart between defenders that Perine caught for the touchdown.

No. 4: Mayfield finds Shepard for the game-tying TD

Perine was the first touchdown of the quarter, while Shepard was the last. OU had third-and-goal at the six yard line this time with under a minute left.

Mayfield saw Sterling Shepard had one-on-one coverage on the outside and elected to throw the fade pattern to OU’s No. 1 receiver.

It was a great throw by Mayfield, and an outstanding catch by Shepard who leapt for it and corralled it even after hitting the ground. It was another sign of a great decision by Mayfield.

No. 3: Mayfield extends play, gets penalty

Often overlooked, but OU fans remember this one well. OU never could have mounted any sort of comeback in Knoxville if it wasn’t for this crazy effort by Mayfield.

After looking like he was going to be sacked a couple of times, Mayfield rolled out to extend the play. In doing so, Tennessee was forced to hold Mark Andrews so that Mayfield didn’t find him down the field for the first down.

It was a third down play that would have resulted in a punt. Instead, it led to an automatic first down and the beginning of OU’s memorable comeback.

No. 2: Mayfield calls his own number, scores in OT

A lot of the credit has to go to Perine on this one as well, but it’s such a clutch moment by Mayfield and showed his confidence once again.

OU trailed 24-17 in overtime vs. the Vols and faced fourth-and-goal at the one yard line. The call was for a zone read look, and Mayfield faked it to Perine before lunging into the end zone to tie it once again.

Perine made the play happen by coming back for a cut back block on the defender, but it was another instance where you could see Mayfield had the ability to make something happen.

No. 1 : Mayfield goes all razzle dazzle to find Andrews

The game wasn’t on the line, but it sure was fun to watch. Facing a second-and-eight at the Tulsa 17 yard line late in the third quarter, Mayfield did what he does best.

After getting away from a potential sack, he rolled out to his left and looked like he was going to run. Keeping his eyes down the field, Mayfield stepped back a couple of steps to gather himself and find Andrews open near the goal line.

Andrews caught it, turned and found the end zone for his second of the day and Mayfield’s sixth of the afternoon.

It’s too early to call something like that a “Heisman moment,” but it definitely stands out as the “wow” play for Mayfield through the first quarter of the season.

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