What OU cornerback Zack Sanchez had to say this week

OU cornerback Zack Sanchez talks all things heading into showdown vs. West Virginia

What is the defense’s mindset going into a match-up with West Virginia?

Keep them out of the end zone, especially when you are facing a big offense like that. Obviously, we didn’t do that two weeks ago, but when you can learn from a win, that’s a good thing. So there were a lot of things that we worked on last week, and obviously, this week is to hopefully keep those guys from scoring points. We know the offense is going to do that.

How important is it for you guys to finally get some turnovers?

Huge. Those are momentum plays. To keep the ball in the offense’s hands is huge, especially with how potent they are and how fast they can score. We have to do a better job of ripping the ball out when we get our hands on balls and getting interceptions, things like that.

Can you believe this team has just one interception through three games?

I think we’ve had our hands on a few balls. We’ve had three or four fumbles out that we needed to get on top of. They are there. It’s just the point of finishing the plays and actually getting the ball. I think we’re right there. Besides the last game, I think we’ve played pretty well as a defense. Once those turnovers start coming, I think it’s going to make us that much more elite.

Are you ready to get back on the field after the performance two weeks ago?

Definitely. It’s a top-25 matchup. West V always plays us tough. Every year that I’ve been here, it’s been a close game, and those guys will be ready for us on Saturday. We’re definitely going to be ready to. It’s going to be a battle, but it’s going to be a lot of fun playing those guys.

What do you tell the young guys in the secondary after the struggles against Tulsa?

Everybody’s experienced that bad game. Everybody knows how it feels, and everybody knows what it’s like to come back and fix it and put yourself out there. That’s not the player anybody was two Saturdays ago. Just keep grinding and keep working on things that you can work on. There was nothing that was outside of our control. It was technique stuff and dumb stuff we did here and there.

Is it important for Oklahoma to get back to competing for the Big 12 Championship again?

It’s important every year. You wouldn’t come here if that wasn’t important to you: To finally start get our steps in that right direction, it starts this weekend. We have nine weeks straight. There’s no breaks. There’s no letting off the gas. We just have to be prepared for everything that comes week-in and week-out.

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