Setting the stage: OU vs. West Virginia

Breaking it all down one final time between the Sooners and the Mountaineers. is going to set the stage every week, breaking down Oklahoma’s upcoming game during the 2015 season.

No. 23 West Virginia (3-0) at No. 15 Oklahoma (3-0)

When: 11 a.m.

Biggest question - - Can Oklahoma finally get a turnover?

The Sooners have created just two turnovers on the season – one interception and one fumble recovery. They’ve been close on numerous occasions but are still one of the worst teams in the nation in that category, just one out of the cellar. If Oklahoma is going to give up points and yards, the defense has to start creating turnovers to balance it out. They’ll have a heck of a challenge against the nation’s leader in turnover margin.

An educated guess

Oklahoma doubles West Virginia’s passing yards allowed average by the end of the third quarter. Quick breakdown: The Mountaineers average 154 yards allowed per game, so Oklahoma will have 308 passing yards through the first three quarters this weekend. The Sooners are averaging 92.75 yards per quarter, but that’s with the season-opening blowout and the Tulsa massacre. It’s not too much of a stretch for Oklahoma’s numbers. It’s more about breaking through the Mountaineers’ experienced pass defense.

Player to watch

It's cornerback Jordan Thomas, at least it better be. You would hope by now the message has been received loud and clear that he must do everything correctly on and off the field. Thomas has a lot of potential but can ill afford to miss games like he did with his suspension two weeks ago. Trying to make amends, Thomas has a hand in an OU turnover. (Przybylo)


Hite - It’s time for another shootout between Oklahoma and West Virginia. Baker Mayfield vs. Skyler Howard doesn’t disappoint, but the Sooners create three turnovers to balance out two interceptions by Mayfield. This one lasts until the fourth quarter until Oklahoma pulls away by two scores. The Mountaineers make it close but the Sooners remain unbeaten, 48-42.

Przybylo - All week we have talked about how this might be the best defense in the conference with what WVU is bringing to town. It still might be but that doesn't mean the Sooners won't find a way to score. The big question will be if it's touchdowns or field goals. OU does enough to hold off the Mountaineers 30-24 and start planning for Texas.

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