Sooner mailbag: Red River Recruiting?

Sooner mailbag returns with a look at what this week means in the long run, if anything anymore.

Heading into the Red River Showdown, it’s another big recruiting week for Oklahoma even if the Sooners aren’t the ones doing the hosting.

Does this weekend still mean a lot in recruiting?

Of course it does. Even though OU is not the one doing the hosting, this game definitely still matters. Now it’s true it doesn’t mean much in terms of the 2016 class. Recent years have suggested by this time, those classes are pretty much known, or at least who the top targets will be.

When it comes to the 2017 class, though, that’s where things will get interesting. Obviously there is a lot of overlap when it comes to top OU targets and top Texas targets. One game won’t decide things, but it can’t hurt to make a positive impression.

There is one thing working in this game’s favor for this year. Last year it was up against the TCU-Baylor game, which attracted lot of the top recruits used to heading to the Cotton Bowl. The Big 12 schedule shapes up nicely this week, especially in the Texas region.

No reason at all why OU and Texas shouldn’t have the spotlight and see a lot of top targets from various classes in attendance.

Who is on commitment watch?

You have to go with Suwanee (Ga.) Peachtree Ridge cornerback Baylen Buchanan, and you have to think it will happen sooner rather than later.

Buchanan, still technically committed to Louisville, seems like an OU commit just waiting to happen following an outstanding visit to Norman last weekend.

The thought going in was that it could be a first come, first serve thing with Buchanan and Jordan Parker. But as you evaluate more and talk to more sources, it sounds like OU is willing to take a fifth if it’s a guy it values.

Buchanan seems to be one of those guys who are going to make that cut. The key thing, though, is Buchanan is going to have to jump pretty fast. There are other secondary targets OU would pursue if he decides to take too long.

Not saying it has to happen today, but it sort of does. You can see it being tough because Buchanan visited campus by himself so he didn’t get his family to see everything and make sure they were happy. But the clock is definitely ticking.

Is OU done at wide receiver?

Yes, with a qualifier. Talking with some sources close to players like Audie Omotosho and Camron Williams (with TCU being the favorite for his choice this afternoon), well, it seems like OU is willing to let them go.

Again, it’s a case of you have to jump when the opportunity is there. OU will never force a kid to commit, but the Sooners are no longer afraid to say that if you wait, there’s a chance this spot won’t be there for you.

Both of these guys were clear takes back in the summer. Now OU is seeing how well its current crop of receivers are developing. Add in the fact OU could use help at other positions, which could explain the potential Buchanan commitment, and the pieces start adding up.

The qualifier in this is OU will definitely take Houston Spring Westfield’s Tyrie Cleveland. He could be a game-changer no matter where he goes. Sooners took their best shot with him a couple of weeks ago and now play the waiting game.

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