Oklahoma Sooners have to be "ready to play"

Oklahoma Sooners coach Bob Stoops says coaching staff did its part

Oklahoma had come out of the games slowly before – against Akron and against Tennessee. It wasn’t going to happen against Texas, though.

The biggest rivalry game of the year: The Sooners couldn’t come out flat again.

But they did. And Texas’ 14-0 first-quarter lead turned into a hill that Oklahoma couldn’t climb.

Who was to blame?       

“We did our part. We showed ‘em a hundred times,” Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said. “We went through the last, two years ago, the Texas game, where they’re ranked, where we’re ranked, what’s happening. You show it to ‘em, you show it to ‘em, you show ‘em. . . . They’ve got to choose to be ready to play.”

Oklahoma center Ty Darlington, one of the team’s five captains, supported Stoops, saying that the coaching staff can only do so much. It’s on the players to execute.

“The coaches can only say so much to inspire you to take the field with that mentality,” Darlington said. “A lot of that has to come from within. It has to come at the individual level. You have to play with a tenacity and a mentality that’s unmatched. . . . We know they can’t play the game for us and there are certain things you can’t really coach.”

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