Is it time for OU to poach kids from USC?

Coaching turmoil could create opportunities for the Sooners on the trail.

After a crazy week in college football, the Oklahoma recruiting mailbag returns with a topic that many people are definitely wondering about.

With the firing of Steve Sarkisian from USC, are there are any commitments the Sooners should try to target and flip?

Great question here. OU obviously has become more of a player in California in recent years, and USC has been the one school the Sooners have usually been unable to overcome.

Looking at the Trojans commitment list and based on previous relationship and need for OU’s 2016 class, three names come to mind with five-star linebacker Mique Juarez wide receiver Tyler Vaughns and offensive lineman Frank Martin.

Juarez stands out immediately, especially since it feels like OU has made a lot of headway with him in the recent months and definitely during the recent weeks.

But when you look at what OU really needs, Vaughns and Martin are the ones to circle. OU is slowly developing receivers, no doubt about that. But the Sooners need that game-changer with Sterling Shepard graduating after this season.

Who is that guy? Your guess is as good as mine. It would be a lot to put on a freshman, but Vaughns seems to have that type of ability.

Martin, also offered by OU, seemed like he was interested in the Sooners. But once the Trojans came around, it simply didn’t matter. Wouldn’t hurt to check back in since it’s clear OU needs help at offensive line.

The first domino fell Tuesday with Juarez officially decommitting from the Trojans. Daelin Hayes now says he'll visit OU as well although Notre Dame looks like the leader there.

With the retirement of Steve Spurrier from South Carolina, are there any commitments the Sooners should try to target and flip?

This one is a little trickier. The only two that really seem to stand out are cornerbacks Tre Jackson and J.J. Givens. The issue here, though, is OU has already made its adjustments with Jackson and Givens going to the Gamecocks.

For OU, it will take the combo of Parrish Cobb and Jordan Parker over Givens and Jackson so don’t actually see this being a major deal.

Among targets, guess the one to watch would be junior college offensive tackle Ashton Julious. He’s from South Carolina and has an offer. OU has been high on him for a while although that mutual attention has sort of died down in the last month or so.

According to Scout, South Carolina is already ranked lower than OU in the rankings so tough to imagine the Sooners taking a hard look at some of their pledges.

Will the Texas loss sting with any of OU’s top targets?

No, can’t see that happening. The only way it would really happen is if there were a lot of top OU vs. Texas targets taking in the game. And that just simply is no longer the case the last few years.

Recruits go to this game, but there are no longer that massive amount of Red River recruiting battles that told the story of this game in the past.

OU did fight back after the 14-0 deficit so that’s another thing that will help. If Sooners come together this weekend in Manhattan against Kansas State, hard to think this will linger.

It really is about how OU responds. And as said earlier this week, the whole team is in a “we’ll see” state of mind.

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