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Fast offense makes life easier, more enjoyable for Oklahoma Sooners

OU quarterback, top receiver say team is happier with hurry-up offense

It wasn’t just the Oklahoma Sooners fan base that enjoyed watching the Sooners’ up-tempo offense in full effect Saturday against Kansas State

The opening drive took five plays and barely more than a minute, and Oklahoma took a three-touchdown lead on an 80-yard, five-play drive that saw the Sooners face second down just once. It took just 86 seconds and left fans with a collective smile.

The Oklahoma players were pretty happy, too.

“I’ve always wanted to go fast,” Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield said. “I feel like I’ve always played better when I play fast.” 

“I’ve always pushed for speed,” receiver Sterling Shepard said. “I’ve loved playing fast, and it’s what I’ve been in since I’ve been here. We definitely picked up the tempo. It was something that we had to go in and fix and work on. We picked up the tempo, and it worked out for the best.”

Mayfield ran an up-tempo offense at Lake Travis in high school and in his short time at Texas Tech. Shepard said Monday that it’s easier to get open when the tempo picks up because defenses have to play base packages.

It just makes things easier and allows for Oklahoma to thrive – to say, the tune of 8.6 yards per play on first down.

“You can play fast no matter what,” Mayfield said. “. . . That’s what we got at Kansas State. When we tempo-ed them, we got what we wanted.”

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